Flabby tum

Right i have 90+ pounds to lose. I saw all the before and after pictures the other day, and everybody looked terrific to say the least. My question is have any of you got a flabby tum after loseing a lot of weight ? If so what did you do to get rid of it. Im having kittens here incase i have a lot of flab left after i lose the weight.,

Pamela xxxx

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  • Newfunlander
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    I want to see the replies to this too !

    Pamela too.....lol.
  • becca09
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    this same thing has been bugging me as well. i watch the biggest loser and i want to see their tummies after they have lost it all but you never see it. tara costa did a swimsuit shoot but it was a swimsuit or a tankini, it wasnt a bikini so i couldnt see what her tummy looks like now. i really want to know. id be gutted if after losing all that weight their stomachs arnt very pretty.
  • jugsy
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    unfortunately...and i'm gutted too!! the older we get the less elasticity the skin has( and i think having had children doesn't help) so if there is a lot of excess skin the only way (after toning as much as possible) is surgery to remove the excess!