Activity Lev el help needed...

Hey Everyone,

So I've been on MFP for over half a year. I have a desk job and when I first started on MFP I did spend a good amount of time at my desk. In office I didn't have the chance to get up and go when I wanted. I then moved to working from home (same job) and at the time I lived in a really small apartment with a roomie - so again, I still spent a good amount of time just sitting at my desk.

In Jan I moved into a house. I still have my office job but I'm finding I move more often. Through my fitbit I average 23 times up and down the stairs during my 8.5 hour job. This is just from 7:30a to 4p and does not include any work outs. (I do find that with my fitbit I'll randomly get us and do a bunch of crazy steps.)

Of course when I first signed up for MFP I did the lowest option for activity level. Not only did I work an office job but I was 265 lbs and LAZY! Now not only do I have more room to walk but I just DO more because I'm more "fit" and can handle it.

In the end this comes down to - would you suggest that I change my activity level to Lightly Active? I'm not a teacher or a sales man but I'm also not sitting at my desk for 7 hours straight. I'm just really trying to get ahold of this because I want to make sure I'm getting ENOUGH calories. Thanks for any help!