Wish i hadn't done that

:noway: I've been controlling myself lately, and it feels great. No binging, no mindless snacking. That said, my lunch today sucked. I ignored the little voice telling me to stop, to have a can of healthy soup instead, and i devoured half a can of roast beef hash and to fried eggs.
It tasted fantastic, and i ate it slowly so i could enjoy the texture and flavor if each bite. About halfway through i started to feel full, but i finished it all anyway. Then i logged it in to MFP and BAM!
All of my fat grams and over half of my calories wiped out in one plate. This sucks, makes we want to not eat anything for the rest of the day, kind of as a punishment and kind of because i haven't lost ANY weight yet and i'm very frustrated.
If i were to look for the positive in this, i'd say it's that i had 2 moments were i could have decreased the damage - before i cooked it when i thought of the soup, and halfway through when i realized i wasn't hungry anymore. Maybe next time i'll make a better choice :/


  • catfan
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    AAWWWW:frown: So sorry..I do that to for some reason. I will be so in control and then bam all goes south...Just start over and kick but from here:flowerforyou: YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
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    I see this a good and bad. Was it a healthy choice, no, but you made that decision knowing that. The good part about it, is that you are starting to put two and two together. REalizing that you should have had soup and then knowing that you were full, the bad, finishing it off when you were clearly full. A good, you are starting to listen to your body, maybe next time, knowing this, and seeing how badly that meal ruined the rest of your day, you may make a better choice. This little mishap could turn into a positive. All I can say, damage is done, start burning it off. :happy: it'll make you feel less traumatized by all those numbers! lol
  • ittybittybadonkadonk
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    At least you know what you have done.....its 1 day dont beat yourself up over it.... workout more today so you can eat more............good luck
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    :smile: Thanks guys, i love the support i get here. I'm going to have a light healthy dinner tonight, and try to get some excersise in. Wish it wasn't raining here, a run would feel good. I have some bad habits and i know they won't dissapear over night, and setbacks are part of the journey. If a could only lose a few pounds i know i'd feel better, and probably DO better, but it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet so i hope my next weigh in on Friday will give me something to smile about.
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    If it makes you feel ANY better...I've been staying under my 1300 calories a day for just over two months now. Eating healthy, feeling wonderful. Saturday I went to a baseball game (TX Rangers) and I had: (you ready for this?)......TWO hot dogs, nachos, a soft pretzel, a snow cone, Nutter Butter cookies and diet soda to wash it all down. All you can do is, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and KEEP AT IT!

    You have to eat the dinner tonight. Don't punish yourself. You wanted it, you ate it (slowly, which is great!) and now it's time to get back on track. NO WORRIES, NO REGRETS. Just don't fall back into old habits. It's ok to slip once and a while ;)
  • Oh my goodness, I know exactly what you are talking about. Don't let it ruin your day. That used to be my biggest mistake. After one bad meal I would be like "oh well, the day is shot now" and I would just keep eating badly for the rest of the day. Sometimes even for the rest of the week. As long as you make a valiant effort to make healthier choices for the rest of the day you're in good shape. Maybe try to fit in an extra 10min of cardio or something. Just don't beat yourself up about it. :smile:
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    I also see this as good and bad. Good: You realized what you were doing - so it wasn't "mindless" eating. Bad: Sure, you went over certain nutrients. BUT, here's what you can do: Work out harder tonight - even if you won't be within your calorie goal. Just feel better knowing you're sweating and burning some of it off. And do your best to eat your snacks and remaining meals NORMALLY. Don't deprive yourself...eat them as you normally would. And make sure they're healthy. You should be fine. :happy:

    This coming from the girl who consumed 935 calories in donuts on Thursday and didn't gain anything. Mmk?!