Should I not count healthy fats?

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Hi again,

I'm a veggie and I've been trying to increase protein in my diet as it seems this is something that I am really lacking.

I've been eating small amounts of nuts, eggs, houmous etc as they seem to be quite good sources but I'm finding that although I may have only consumed around 700 calories I'm at my fat limit.

Should I just ignore the fact that there are fats in those foods as surely the benefits of eating them far out weigh the importance of a daily fat limit?

I have thought about adding protein shakes but it would cost me a fortune as most days I'm lucky if I get 15g of protein from my diet and I would have to drink a lot of shakes!

Seems I'm not a very healthy vegetarian so any advice appreciated :o)


  • mgalsf12
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    Your food diary is closed, so I can't really comment without seeing what you are actually eating.
  • BarackMeLikeAHurricane
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    Fat, protein, and fiber should be treated as a minimum. Aim for at least .35g fat per pound of body weight. Dietary fat =/= body fat.
  • Boogage
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    Ahh yes I'm still a bit shy about opening my diary.

    Working on the 0.35 sum I could/should be eating about 9 grams more fat a day which would certainly help me balance out the calories and fat a bit better

    I hadn't heard of this before, thanks