Motivation walls/Exercise Boards

Hello! I was curious if anyone had a "motivation wall" or a dry erase board or a board in general they have hung up that helps them stay on track? I was thinking about doing a meal planning board hung in the kitchen and a motivation wall in my bedroom. Does anyone have any pictures for ideas?


  • mattschwartz01
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    I do. Since I want to hike the Continental Divide Trail, I have a map and I use a marker to track the mileage equivalent that I do on the elliptical runner or walking. :)
  • Darrell916
    Darrell916 Posts: 110 Member
    I have a dry erase board to keep up with motnthly goals and to track weight
  • jacque1129
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    I have a sign next to my mirror that say "Don't be MEAN to yourself" and I use to have my skinniest skinny jeans hanging up there too with a sign that said "keep going until these actually fit" that was my motivation wall haha.
  • Romes08
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    Awesome! Thanks for the feedback :)
  • lemonfizzle
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    I have a dry erase board where I keep track of my current weight and inches. I also write down my mini goals, such as run a mile, lose two pounds, or eat less sugar, just whatever my goal is for the week. Then around the board I posted images of people running or lifting weights that I found in fitness mags, posted some images of healhtyfood/ recipies, and some quotes that I like about motivation. I also put up some photos of when I was at my goal weight. I don't know if it really makes a difference in my wieght loss, but its fun.
  • laceybrobie
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    I use myfitness pal.. My profile page has all that there waiting for me each day... Check it out!!
  • I've printed out a bunch of pictures that I found on The Berry's Daily Motivation website :)