insanity vs wt lifting

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I have read many threads on lifting weights for toning and definition. But I see where people use insanity alone get ripped. Whats the real deal?:huh:


  • As someone who has done and completed Insanity as well as a heavy weight lifter. Insanity does not get you ripped alone. It isn't designed for it and it just isn't possible.. It's a cardio work out. It's geared to lean you out and give you a 'runners' body.. super lean and slim.. the commercials show people ripped from doing three or four cycles of Insanity but they don't tell you what else they do. I have before and after pics of insanity on myself I can show you if you would like but I have gained more muscle definition with my heavy lifting than I ever did with Insanity, however, it did melt a lot of fat off of me..

    hope this helps.
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    Yes it does. Thank you.
  • Yes it does. Thank you.

    You are welcome.. feel free to add me or message me privately if you would like to see those pics.