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so i've been debating getting a heart-rate monitor for months now but don't want to get stuck with the wrong one. please let me know what your experiences have been with monitors and which ones you prefer. don't want to spend over $150 and don't really want to wear a chest strap, but i will if it means getting more accurate results...


  • slimfitnessmoms
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    Polar. I have a womens Polar Ft40. The Ft4 is good also. I bought a cheap one at first and had to take it back after a few weeks because it stopped working so my advice is don't go cheap ;)
  • Azexas
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    After doing research- I picked up the Polar FT4. It does have a chest strap, I honestly forget I'm wearing the strap; its actually pretty comfortable. I've found it to be pretty accurate... AND it comes in pink :). I think I got mine for about 90$ before tax. Hope this helps!
  • Yogi_Carl
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    I didn't start losing weight steadily until I eBayed my HRM! Basically, I was believing the calorie readouts but they were obviously too generous. That was with the Polar FT40 where you can even enter your own resting and HR max settings so the calculation is supposed to be even more accurate.

    Just enjoy your workouts and adjust your calorie intake accordingly.
  • azzreana04
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    I started out with the Polar F6 and now I just upgraded to the Polar FT40 a couple of weeks ago. It has a strap, but I never notice it on. I love the features of the FT40 and it is reasonably priced.
  • Emtabo01
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    I also got a polar ft4 for my birthday recently, it has the strap but I don't notice it at all unless I'm doing some ab video that has me on my stomach on the floor for something or other. I've been pleased with it.
  • queenbea77
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    The first HR monitor I bought was a MIO. I liked that it didn't have a chest strap & was waterproof. And the calorie count was way off. Then I bought my Polar & love it. I'm not crazy about the chest strap but once I got used too it I didn't even realize I was wearing it. It's not waterproof but I'd rather have accuracy than have something I would only use occasionally. Mine was about $150 but if I didn't like it I could have returned it.
  • Resa52
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    I have an FT4 and an FT60. They work equally well but the FT60 has a lot more options as far as telling me how good my burn was, how I'm doing for my goals for the week, etc etc.
  • Aboele79
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    Best thing i ever did was buying a HRM i bought the FT80 and has been fantastic really great for getting accurate calorie burn
  • xybernaut
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    I got the Polar FT7, to replace a polar f4 that I had for about 3 years. Benefit of the FT7 is a replaceable battery, it is easy to use and comfortable.
  • HPLW0705
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    I bought a relatively cheap one off of groupon about a month ago. I didn't know if I really wanted to mess with a chest strap or not, so I went that route. Honestly, I love it and don't even realize it's on anymore! I'll use it until it dies and then get a polar one. I paid $24 for it, but it's supposed to retail for more...it's a PYLE brand. I checked the reviews for it prior to buying and everyone seems to like it. The only thing I don't like about it and others that I've seen is the bulkiness of the watch. I find that more annoying than a chest strap. Currently, Groupon has another one listed...not sure if it's any good or not though.
  • ryanwood935
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    I've got a Polar FT1. It's old school. Doesn't even count calories for me. But it's been reliable, and with the internet I can easily get a reasonable calorie burn calculated. The chest strap is barely noticeable when you are working out, and the instant feedback letting you know to go harder or slow down is invaluable for a great workout.
  • jazzy1a
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    Go with a POLAR HRM (you can find them more cheaply on ebay preowned or as store returns)--the chest strap makes the readings highly accurate and you never feel the thing on.
    I have been using a HRM for several years now and just LOVE it! It tells me what heart zone I should be in for better fitness results and also good estimation of the calories I've burned doing a specific exercise.
    I just used it doing 90 minutes of hot yoga and to my surprise I had burned 550 calories and had a steady heart rate of 140 beats!

    The best way to fitness and weight loss is through M & M (measurement & motivation :)
  • AnnaVee84
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    I've had my Polar FT7 since July 2012 and it's been the #1 most helpful tool for my weight loss. Maybe #2 if MFP is #1 haha :bigsmile:

    it has a chest strap, which for me is unnoticeable once I start working out, and the numbers are better with one than just the wrist watch. If you search online, you can find better deals than in the store, but I love mine so much, I gave two more as gifts. They really are so great!
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    I love my Polar FT4. The chest strap isn't even noticeable and, unlike my sportline, keeps up with me even with the twists and bends of Zumba - my sportline kept stopping recording once I got sweaty and started bending and twisting :mad: Don't worry! If pink isn't your thing they have other colors!!! :tongue:
  • babyblooz
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    I got the Polar FT7, to replace a polar f4 that I had for about 3 years. Benefit of the FT7 is a replaceable battery, it is easy to use and comfortable.

    Wait a second... you can't replace the battery on the ft4?
  • randoswife
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    I bought a basic New Balance N4 for less than $60. I didn't know if I would like one, so I went cheap. I love it!!! The directions that come with it aren't the best, but I figured it out in just a few min. The chest strap is comfortable too, it doesn't feel any different than my bra strap. It will store up to 9 workouts, but I don't even mess with that because I just come home and enter the data here.

    It's basic. Not as fancy as the more expensive brands, but does what I need it to do perfectly :)
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    I got the Polar FT7, to replace a polar f4 that I had for about 3 years. Benefit of the FT7 is a replaceable battery, it is easy to use and comfortable.

    Wait a second... you can't replace the battery on the ft4?
    I have the FT4 and there is a place on the back to replace a battery, unless I'm confused.... I'll check the manual (pretty sure you can change it though)! Talk about great self- motivation though! Love this HRM!
  • kaseybill
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    We are talking about the FT4, not the F4, which I think is an older model. The FT4 DOES have a replaceable battery, per the owners manual.
  • xybernaut
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    Actually, the issue I had was with the chest strap, that did not have a replaceable battery, the f4 may be able to be replaced there are screws on the back of the wristband.
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    I have the Polar FT1 got it new un-opened for under 40 on ebay.