New Rules of Lifting...Need advice.

I hate starting a repeat thread, but I had a question that wasn't really addressed in other threads. I am looking at the reviews on Amazon right now, and I always start out looking at the negative and moving to the positive, (I figure most of the 5 star reviews are paid reviewers!). A lot of the reviewers are saying that the book is great until you get to the program. That it is hard to follow going back and forth between this chart and that one.

So for those of you that have used this and have had success... really how hard was it to get started and get the routines learned? Was it hard to follow at first, or was it not any harder than learning any other program (like the moves of your favorite DVD)?

Also, I am thinking about ordering this weigh set? I have never purchased weights and am unsure of what I need to start out, is this one okay or should I look for something else? Right now I only have 3 lb dumbbells but they are too easy now. I don't want to keep spending $10 on dumbbells each time I need to increase. I think it would be best to take the plunge and get a real set. Sorry I don't know how to make the link clickable...I did copy and paste the info on the weights, just can't copy the picture.

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  • farsteve
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    Options is operated/moderated by Lou Schuler, the author of all the NROL books and there is a sub-message board for each of his books. There should be some great info there.

    I've done the original NROL and it was great. The routines were simple, varied and produced the expected results.

    I'm not sure how strong you are or how strong you may get to but the 105 pounds sees light to me. But it may fit the bill for you if have never lifted before. You will need at least one barbell and method to squat, meaning if you can pick the weight up and put it on your shoulders or hold it in you hands it is not heavy enough to squat with.

    You will also probably need some sort of pulley set up so you can do lat pull downs and seated rows. Of course, pull ups and one arm rows will work too but Lou Schuler recommends changing up your routines every 6 weeks or so.
  • jamk1446
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    You might want to check out this group:

    I started the program but didn't complete it. I didn't find the charts to be that difficult to follow but I know that's a common complaint. I just realized I didn't enjoy some of the complex moves and the later stages take a long time to complete a session. But there are a lot of fans within the above group.
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    I am using New Rules of Lifting Supercharged right now. I am not new to lifting and most of the exercises are things I used to do. There are a few that are new. It didn't take me long to catch on. The hardest part was that the workouts in Supercharged begin with a warm up routine. That routine was different from anything I did before and I found myself reading the descriptions of each exercise and looking at the pics for the first 4-6 times I went through it.

    Regarding the weights, I would suggest going to Barnes and Noble, browsing the book and guestimating how much weights you think you will need.
  • gracielynn1011
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    Thanks for the replies. I am not sure how much weight I will need. I am thinking of using a friend's buddy pass to visit her gym a time or two. That way I can use different size weights to determine what I should start with. I have joined the recommended group and will check out the threads there for more info. You all are great!
  • iulia_maddie
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    I do recommend getting the book, even if just for a great read. I did not do the whole program, after level 1 i started doing my own full body routine every other day. But that book was what got me started.
    As for weights, buy a barbell, dumbbell bars and weight plates. Try finding cheap used ones. That way, as you progress, all you have to do is add more plates as opposed to buying a new set of dumbbells.

    PS. I think i might have NROLW in PDF format at home. You can PM me your e-mail if you need a copy.
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    Take a look at Body by you- You are your own gym. It's all bodyweight exercises.
  • runningagainstmyself
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    Take a look at Body by you- You are your own gym. It's all bodyweight exercises.

    Do you have any experience with this particular book? What can you say about it in terms of a review?