NewTnme Posts: 258 Member
Is it ok to do crunches everyday? Can someone give me an idea on how I can break up a whole body toning.


  • Mokey41
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    Crunches aren't really very effective and they can be hard on your neck and back. Plank is a much better core exercise.
  • JenMc14
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    Why would you do crunches every day? I do 3 compound lifts 3 days a week. M & F it's squat, bench and bent over rows, W it's squat, deadlift and military press. All of those engage your core, especially tthe standing exercises. I do a targeted ab/core workout on T & Th after I run. Usually a quick YouTube video from BeFit that includes planks and varations, crunch variations, sometimes some side bends, etc., or I do a Pilates core workout. I've recently discovered POP Pilates/blogilates, and I like her workouts, I also like Coach Nicole's no crunches core workout.