My NSV!!!

sugboog29 Posts: 630 Member
Had a NSV this morning!!! Put on my winter coat and for the first time I DIDN'T have to suck in my tummy....buttoned without it!! Finally!!! Needless to say the coat looks better than it used to...Thanks Jillian Michaels and the 30 day shred!! Goodbye to those lost inches may you NEVER be found again!


  • VCanadapt
    VCanadapt Posts: 142 Member
    Way to Go!
  • quietHiker
    quietHiker Posts: 1,442 Member
    Awesome NSV!!! I've been trying to get the courage to start JM's 30 DS, but haven't found it yet! But your NSV is a great motivator! Congrats! :)
  • tami101
    tami101 Posts: 617 Member
    Wonderful NSV! Congratulations! =)
  • kagenw
    kagenw Posts: 260 Member
    Congratulations. Getting your life back on track.
  • hollyk57
    hollyk57 Posts: 520 Member
    That's awesome!!! Congrats. Winter coats have been my nemesis this year.... nothing fits me right. I've suffered through the Colorado winter with nothing more than a fleece north face sweater. Next winter... I WILL be thin enough to actually wear something that fits well and looks good. Thanks for the added inspiration! :)
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