2 lb weight gain in 2 days?

OK, now Im mad, how on earth could this happen, I really feel like giving up now! I excersice 45 mins a day with strenght training, I eat my recommending calories ( not burned ones) drink lots of water. I know I have been going over on my carbs the past few days, but they are all good carbs. So close on giving it all up!!!!!! And I never cheated at all this week.:sad:


  • lilmisswny
    Could be water weight, take those water pills, I do. THey seem to help.
  • bekah1301
    bekah1301 Posts: 48 Member
    Could be muscle gain as well from strength training. Try not to weigh yourself every day, maybe try once a week or so at first, then daily fluctuations won't put you off :) Keep at it and I'm sure you'll see results again before long.
  • granmalaura
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    I know people will say you should not weigh yourself every day, but I still do and that is probably why you see a weight gain. I regularly put on 1 or 2 lbs, but if I wait a couple of days those gained pounds disappear and I usually loose a pound or two on top, so don't give up just give it time. Also if you are exercising regularly you may be adding a little weight through your muscles becoming more toned, so always a good idea to measure yourself, and you will see a difference there.:happy:
  • Holton
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    Don't give up....never give up! I know what you are experiencing is frustrating and defeating for all the effort you are putting into it. But nothing will happen, but weight gain, if you give up. Just stick with it and don't weigh every day.....weigh only once a week at the same time of time. I am amazed at how much our bodies weight fluctuates and don't think seeing it fluctuate is necessarily motivating when in the weight loss phase (very helpful once in the maintenance mode to keep us in check). Keep eating the RIGHT foods, drinking LOTS of water, and working out as you have set goals for yourself. Plug away, day by day, and you will see results! Keep it simple and just follow through! You can do it!!! Keep it up!!!! :wink:
  • KellyBurton1
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    I weight myself Tuesday and I lost 1 pound and again 1 pound on wednesday. Thurday it went up one pound and another 1 pound this morning. Maybe its muscle gain, I have been working out alot more this week, but at the same time I decided I should eat all my recommended calories. I was always under by 2 or 300 calories. maybe my body is adjusting? any ideas?
  • becca09
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    i used to weigh myself daily but i found it upsetting because it bounces around. this is what happened to me when i used to weigh daily : mon, -3, tues, +2, weds -1, thurs +3, fri, -4, sat +1, sun -4.
    now i weigh myself every monday morning before breakfast.
  • ttkg
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    It sounds like you're doing eveything right so this may be just one of those deviations or that you are retaining water. When I first started strength training I saw some weight gain in the first month...but it is lean muscle vs. fat so it is a positive!! And the muscle will burn calories long after you stopped strength training.

    You say you are eating all of your exercise calories too, I regularily try to leave 50 - 100 of my exercise calories un-eaten (this is not a word but it is early in the morning :wink: ). Maybe try that for a few days.

    Carry on with your great progress, ignore the scales for a couple days, eat some cucumber and drink lots of water and I am sure this will just be a little blip.

    Do not let this throw you off course!! Stay focused on your goals and be proud of your accomplishments - you are worth this effort!!
  • PureAndHealthy
    Think about 2 pounds really... it's like the weight of 4 or 5 apples... hardly anything. Weight fluctuates with a TON of things including how much stool you're currently holding, the glycogen and water retained in your muscles after a workout, the natural gasses in your body and their response to gravity (carbon dioxide is "heavier" than oxygen), etc etc etc. Don't worry about a 2 lb gain when you're doing all the right things... just keep doing them. :flowerforyou:
  • IrishChik
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    This actually happened to me this week. 2lbs up from last week, but when I weighed myself this AM it was 2 back down. It is not my TOM and I realize muscle weights more than fat, but it usually isn't going to show up on the scale like that. I figured it was water weight due to the extra salt I had put on my raw vegi's this week.
  • xHeidixbx
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    Do you weigh your self at the same time every day? because your weight is varied throught the day by 1 to 2 pound so they say to weigh your self at the same time. I hardly ever weigh my self now though, every couple of weeks I think, depresses me other wise,