How to make a healthier salad dressing?

I've been dying for some sweet vidalia onion dressing, but I want to try to make it myslef to make it healthier. The below recipe is the best I could find. Any substitutes that could make this healthier? I'm looking most at the sugar, at 8 T. But others I've seen were at 1 cup :noway:

Any tips or tricks would help :happy:


  • ashleylmp
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    Try using Truvia. It's natural sweetener that I've found works almost exactly like sugar in most recipes! And no calories!
  • paintlisapurple
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    Wow 8 T?! How about trying a couple of tablespoons of honey instead? I find it takes a bit less to sweeten with.
  • in_this_generation
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    This looks like a healthy dressing to me. If I were to do it I'd make it with extra virgin olive oil instead of vegetable, and add the sugar to taste at the end. You will know there is enough when it doesn't taste tart, but you will almost certainly not need 8 tbsp. Do you think they actually meant tsp?

    My go to dressing(s):
    Acid (balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or lime juice)
    Savory (garlic freshly crushed)
    Sweet (sugar, I think 1 tsp is more than enough for 4tbsp dressing)
    Oil (EVOO) I think it's supposed to be 2/3 the final volume, but I usually skimp.
    Mix everything together- this tastes better the next day so all the flavors mellow out.
  • butterflylover527
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    Thanks for the tips