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If Spot Reducing Was Possible!

Please im looking for some advice.
I was told recently it has been noticed my legs look more toned from my working out. I have a long way to go according to the scale and measurements which I am fine with. I have a tummy which I know alot of people may question this but I am worried about my legs looking better and then this awful stomach.
I have been doing weights with my legs and slowly working on planks and a stability ball exercise for my core.
Any suggestions to help with the stomach area, I really dont want nice legs and buttocks and this awful chug from my stomach and arms. Thank you! Much appreciated!


  • JenMc14
    JenMc14 Posts: 2,389 Member
    It's not necessarily that your legs are looking better from the exercise, but that fat came off from there first, so now you can notice a difference and see the muscle. The same thing will/should eventaully happen to your midsection if you keep up the overall fat loss.
  • BarbieAS
    BarbieAS Posts: 1,414 Member
    Until you get to a point where you have a low enough body fat percentage for muscle to really show through, the only way to get that tummy looking better is to just keep going with a good calorie deficit and lose overall body fat. You could also try to make sure to get in a lot of water and high fiber foods to reduce any bloat you might have, which could help a smidge, but it's really about reducing body fat.

    But, that's not to say skip the ab/core work now! The more muscle you build (and if you have a ways to go on the scale, you can probably build some now even eating at a deficit) the more calories you'll burn, and the bigger head start you'll have on muscle definition when you get closer to your goal. Plus it's just overall great for your body to have a nice, strong core. Keep going! You'll get there.
  • 1223345
    1223345 Posts: 1,386 Member
    If spot reducing were possible, life would be sweeter. You just have to burn more fat. Unfortunately most of us have belly fat that just wont go away.
  • Strength2Succeed
    Strength2Succeed Posts: 126 Member
    Thank you so much for the information. Im definitley not giving up thats for sure. Everyone is so wonderful on this site its certainly helps with staying dedicated. I will continue to work hard and keep on eye on how everything progresses. Thanks again!