2-Ingredient Lemon Bars

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1 (16 oz.) box angel food cake mix
2 (21 oz.) cans lemon pie filling (some brands are 22 oz. and that is fine)
powdered sugar for garnishing (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9"x13" baking pan with nonstick spray. Mix the cake mix and the lemon pie filling by hand, just until the cake mix is all moistened. DO NOT use an electric mixer on this. If you use an electric mixer or over beat this, it will put too much air in it and it will rise up and out of your pan and you will have a mess. It works perfect if you just stir it by hand until it's all moist. You will notice that is gets sort of bubbly and that is normal.

Spread evenly in the baking dish and place on the center rack in your oven for approximately 25 minutes. It will just be starting to brown on the edges. Don't let it brown on the top. The full 25 minutes are usually needed.

Remove and allow to cool. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and cut in squares. That's all there is to it!

Calorie count will depend on brand of cake, lemon pie filling and size of bars. Create the recipe on the food recipe counter to determine calories, etc. based on your brands and number of squares you can get from the pan.


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    Yay! I have some leftover homemade lemon curd I need to use up, can't wait to try this :wink:
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    BUMP!!! going to try this!!! I love anything lemon!!! thanks for sharing!!
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    Thank you and congratulations on the huge weight loss!
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    This sounds absolutely delicious. Just added both items to my grocery list! Thank you for the recipes!!
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    Great suggestion! Thanks.
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    I saw this on pintrest and tried it and it was fabulous came out to about 55 calories a slice - Next time I am going to weigh it out to get exact calories for the grams as that is how i measure everything but i made it for girl scout dinner a few weeks ago so did not go into all the measuring since i knew i was not eating alot of it - bought the stuff to make another one but waiting til i get to 30 lbs lost and that is gonna be my reward
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    Comstock also makes other pie fillings that are less calories then the lemon is
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    Now that's my kind of recipe!
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    *bump* May need to try and make this for Saturday's taco night.
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    yummy. thank you.
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    Nutrition info on your healthy version:
    100 calories, 1g protein, 17g carbohydrate, 3g fat (2g saturated), 0g fiber (assumes a 2x2 inch square for serving)

    Nutrition info on the 2-ingredient version (using the same 2x2ish inch square for serving) using Betty Crocker mix and lucky leaf pie filling 112 calories, 1g protein, 26 carbs, 0 fat 0 fiber

    So while yes, the fitness magazine version does have less calories (if 12 will make or break you you have bigger problems) and carbs the 2 ingredient version has less fat and is WAY easier....I don't think one is really healthier than the other, you can't even use the "2 ingredient version is processed food and the fitness mag one isn't" approach because you still use AP flour, which is processed, granulated sugar & which is also processed.

    That being said--the fitness mag version probably has a better crust because it uses butter and butter is always better :)
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    Will have to try this, thanks!