Rate me - insecure, attention *kitten*, or needy

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Cause that's what it all really comes down to.


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    Attention *kitten*??
  • I would suggest that anyone who asks others for an opinion on him or herself is insecure. Posting at 2:30am EST supports this.

    Maybe you just left the bar, or hopefully David's Mai Lai Wah [best 24 hour Chinese place I've ever been], and the evening didn't go the way you wanted. Sometimes hearing from strangers that everything is going to be okay works, but these are the kinds of answers you need to find yourself.
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    I say all of the above.
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    Judging by all the weapons... compensating.
  • If this is a commentary on the would you date/bang/suck/kiss, etc. threads, than I would agree too all of the above. If this is about you, than again, I would agree to all of the above.
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    LOL this is in reference to the "person above you" threads. And I posted it while bored and snarky at work.
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