Lunchbox ideas?

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I know this topic is discussed a lot, but I'm starting it again lol.

I will be at school for a long time and I need lots of good (NOT SANDWICH) ideas so I don't get bored of the same foods. For some reason, I'm really stressing over this, so and ideas would be appreciated!

Side note: I cannot heat anything up.

Edit: I don't like meat. Only deli style and processed meat. Don't judge lol.


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    Sorry, I know you said no sandwiches so you don't get bored, but if you're getting bored with them, you're definitely not doing them right! lol.

    Sandwiches are like salads, they have infinite combinations. (Roast beef with mustard, muenster and baby spinach; chicken breast with pesto, bacon and havarti; egg salad; chicken Waldorf; spiral cut ham with mustard and avocado; deli shaved ham with cheddar, hard boiled egg and tomato; shaved turkey, sprouts and spicy guacamole; chicken breast, tomato and hummus; shall I keep going??) <--- Damn, I just made my mouth water with all those b!tchin sammies! Also, you don't have to use bread all the time, mix it up with croissants, flatbread, pitas, lavosh bread (<--SO GOOD!) or tortilla wraps.
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    Mason jar salads! Super easy to carry, can prep them pretty quickly too. You can just add whatever stuff you want, google around for some great ideas and layering tips. (Really, layering is more important than it might seem!)

    I'm also a big fan of soups for lunch. There are some thermoses that say they can keep things hot for like 8 hours, so if you have access to a heating thing in the morning, that could work. With the hotter days coming up though, it's the perfect time for chilled soups! So many vegetable based soups are great chilled. Asparagus, tomato, gazpacho (technically tomato but whatever?), cucumber- there are just sooo many.

    E: It would probably be a good idea to also bring proteiny foods to eat with/along side... for a salad it could be as simple as throwing some cheese/hardboiled egg in there. You can do the same for the soups, too I guess, or just bring them to snack on.
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    I love soups and salads! Again endless combinations.
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    Well this isn't too exciting, but I like making tuna or chicken salad alot and using club crackers @-@ so good, I bring lunch to school every day and get bored too and this kinda makes a difference from sammiches all the time. I also like taking soups with a sandwich, makes it better :D avacado and jalapeños make anything sooooo much better also.
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    tuna salad! instead of a sandwich try wrapping those lunch meats in lettuce! Sounds odd but its soo good! just wrap it like a tortilla!
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    Here are some ideas:

    celery & peanut butter
    cheese and crackers
    hummus and pita
    veggies and dip

    I also brought a blender to work and stuff for smoothies - protein powder, fruit, veggies, green tea, cottage cheese or almond milk. I experiment and try different combos.
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    Check out my diary - I pack morning snacks, breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks every day. I have access to a microwave but many of my foods don't need it. things like cut up fruit or veggies are easy to snack on between classes. So are string cheese, a cut up cube of cheese, almonds or other nuts, dried fruit, hard boiled eggs. The thermos or chilled soup is a great idea. As are the lettuce wraps. You can also do a salad with cut up deli meat.

    If you need to keep stuff cool, get an ice pack or just freeze a partially filled bottle of water (if you fill it all the way, it'll crack because it expands).
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    I like the wrap ideas too..maybe some grilled chicken pieces (you can get at walmart) with some fresh veggies, maybe some sweet onion or some honey mustard can pack some snacks too like the others have said--crackers, granola bars, yogurt, cheese sticks, or some 100 calorie packets to go along with it..maybe some juice boxes too..or even graham crackers! Ugh..thats one of my favorites. Hope some of these ideas helped too. :)
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    Great ideas :)
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    - Salads, but loaded up with lean cold cuts, a bit of cheese, boiled egg, chick peas or beans, pickles, olives...whatever you like. I've even made salads and tossed some tuna and rice in there too.
    - Pasta salads - also good with some beans or chick peas and veggies
    - Potato salad (just easy on the mayo..think light and can make it with Greek yogurt and dill and chopped up olives, carrots, pickle..anything you like)
    - Taco salad (keep items separate ...chili, lettuce, shredded cheese, dressing, tortilla chips, etc., then toss together in a container (you can have the chili in the container to start with) - if you don't mind ground beef
    - Burritos or Fajitas - even good at room temperature
    - Non-sandwich sandwiches like others mentioned: wraps, bagels, Gyro-style sandwich with tzatziki, , etc.
    - Bagel with light cream cheese and raw veggies and pickles on the side
    - Pizza - good even cold - load 'em up with veggies
    - Snack trays - an assortment of things you like, in a divided container: cold cuts, cheese, pickles, crackers / bread / muffin, veggies and dip, etc.
    - Muffin, fresh fruit, dip
    - Cold pasta
    - Asian sesame noodles with veggies (lots of recipes on the Internet)
    - Omelette (you can load those up with almost anything...even leftovers)
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    Thanks! Bump
  • butterflylover527
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    Love your picture ;)

    I like to bring leftovers, or cook extra meat (chicken, steak, turkey patties) and make wraps, fajitias, turkey burgers, soups, pita "sandwiches" with hummus, veggies and lean meat, or nice salads!
  • butterflylover527
    butterflylover527 Posts: 940 Member
    Love your picture ;)

    I like to bring leftovers, or cook extra meat (chicken, steak, turkey patties) and make wraps, fajitias, turkey burgers, soups, pita "sandwiches" with hummus, veggies and lean meat, or nice salads!

    Thanks lo