finally got past the plateau!

sierra_12 Posts: 249 Member
hi guys, I'm Sierra (:
I started my weight loss journey in August, 2012 at 260 pounds. I was tired of being so big and decided to do something about it! I got down to 230 fairly quickly, by November, but the last 30 I really struggled with.
After what seemed like ages, i finally reached 205 in March. Then i plateaued and got stuck at 205 for almost a month. This last month I upped my calorie intake and finally reached 200 pounds this morning!
My goal is to reach 190, I'm ready to get it done! thanks guys, I'll post more once I reach my next goal (:

*a side note, a few commented that I don't look like I'm 200 pounds. I forgot to post that I am almost 6'1'' and fairly big boned. (:

from 260(June 2012) to 200 (04-05-13)


my last 5 pound comparison!

my nieces and I, i was about 260 in the first pic, about 205 in the second (:


  • andrederosier
    andrederosier Posts: 121 Member
    Congrats on such great improvements. You look amazing. You can hit that goal.
  • cherio256
    cherio256 Posts: 219
    you look great! and you look way smaller than 200! keep up the good work :)
  • Daysednconfused
    Daysednconfused Posts: 975 Member
    Awesome work! You look fabulous!
  • svgarcia
    svgarcia Posts: 592 Member
    U look amazing! Job well done????. U don't look 200. I honestly look like I weigh more than u. What have u been doing? Eat clean? What type or exercise
  • sierra_12
    sierra_12 Posts: 249 Member
    Thanks guys (:

    I eat about 1300 calories a day (i know a lot of people on here disagree with that calorie intake, but its worked for me)
    Now that i have reached 200 pounds i am going to up my calories to 1500.
    I do pretty intense cardio daily and strength training. I rotate muscle groups daily.

    I have really been watching my protein and sugar intake. As a college student, I was eating way too much sugar and not near enough protein. Ive been trying to get better about that. Cutting down on the sugar is easier than getting my protein. (meat is expensive! and i only have a microwave to cook with at the dorms lol)
  • mattschwartz01
    mattschwartz01 Posts: 566 Member
    Way to power through that rough spot!
  • autopilot_on
    Congratulations! That plateau is HISTORY!
  • trixiemou
    trixiemou Posts: 554 Member
    You are definitely working hard at this and the difference is amazing. Your last five pound loss looks like it is a lot more.

    Got to admit I will be one of those that will be pleased that you are upping your calories.

    Well done!
  • linsey0689
    linsey0689 Posts: 753 Member
    You look wonderful :)
  • WickedZoey
    WickedZoey Posts: 401 Member
  • BeautifulScarsWECHANGED
    You look fantastic!!
  • GenesisandEden
    GenesisandEden Posts: 338 Member
    seriously awesome!
  • nnoifeld
    nnoifeld Posts: 116
    Great job getting through plateaus! That's my weakness. Appreciate the encouragement!
  • nnoifeld
    nnoifeld Posts: 116
    Great job getting through plateaus! That's my weakness. Appreciate the encouragement!
  • nicsalt
    nicsalt Posts: 86 Member
    Yay for you! Plateaus totally suck but it's behind you now and soon you will be in One-derland ;) Looking fabulous by the way so keep up the good work.
  • Lunarokra
    Lunarokra Posts: 855 Member
    You look great! Awesome job!
  • jtempalski
    way to go... you look great!!
  • luckyjuls
    luckyjuls Posts: 505 Member
    Are you very tall? Would never have guessed you were 260, 230, or 200. You carry your weight really well. Great job!
  • Calliope610
    Calliope610 Posts: 3,775 Member
    Wow, check you out!
  • ambootcamp
    ambootcamp Posts: 27 Member
    You are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on all your hard work!
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