Need toning advice

I am starting to show signs of loose skin in my arms and thighs and I'm wanting to start toning to get rid of the loose skin. Does anyone have any advice or tips that would help me out?


  • donna1432
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    its because your only doing cardio? YOU need to do strength training so you will tighten and tone the muscle
  • AZKristi
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    Start doing some strength training and eat plenty of lean protein. I first started out using the Women's Health Big Book of Exercises - it helps you customize workouts for any level and there are also workout created by fitness experts that you can follow. It shows you many exercises with variations for every level.

    I've also done New Rules of Lifting for Women which I loved! The information at the beginning of that book is WELL worth reading, even if you decide that the workout program is too much for you as a beginner. I would have been too intimidated to start out with NROLFW when I first started exercising.

    I'm now doing New Rules of Lifting for Abs which is even better!

    Strength training is great for women: among other thing, it can improve blood sugar regulation, and help prevent osteoporosis. I definitely encourage you to start now - even if it means decreasing time spent on cardio!
  • jacksonpt
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    heavy lifting + sufficient protein + calorie deficit + patience
  • lexlyn14
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    Try the dvd 30 day shred by jillian is 25 minutes long and tones you all over...keep up with the cardio as well...
  • NikoM5
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    Not much you can do specifically but dont sweat it, skin will tighten up on its own. You're young so you should be fine. Are you dropping a lot of weight quickly?

    And just a little friendly advice.. Avoid the use of the word "toning" on the internets. The word has no real meaning. A more accurate goal would be "lose fat + build muscle"
  • AbsyPernet
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    Don't worry, start to do some lifting besides cardio and it will happen. Focus and eat well. Good luck :D
  • cmccoy0901
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    thanks for the advice everyone :happy: