Too low calories

I keep being told when I complete daily entry I'm eating too view calories and this week I've been to gym every day eaten to my plan logging everything but I've lost no weight. I don't understand how I'm now not using weight I don't eat all my calorie limit every day by choice of food but I'm clearly doing something wrong can anybody help?


  • sunlover89
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    It would help if you could open up your diary?

    When you eat too few calories (less than 1200 NET), your body is less keen on holding onto fat stores. I don't know how long you've been at this, but eventually you will lose weight if you're living in deficit, that's a fact, but it wont all be from fat, it'll be from every muscle in your body including your heart.
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    If you don't eat enough calories, you body holds on to the fat that's already there. Eat more and you'll shed pounds.
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    Well you need to understand not eating enough will cause problems.

    You also need to try something for a month. Follow this guide to make sure your calories are set up correctly.

    Once you do that, give it a month.

    ^^^^ This is great info advice
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    When you properly fuel your body it will run more efficiently thereby burning fat in the process. Raise your activity level one more higher than you have it, and eat back exercise calories. You are to be hitting the calorie goal, NOT staying under.
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    How do I open up my diary? And thank you
  • Also if that picture is you, then you will be loosing weight slower than say I was when I started MFP, first handful of pounds melted right off.... since you appear within ten pound of your goal, loosing weight in a healthy manner is going to be the result of a slow and steady solution. Any other signs of success? How do you feel? How do your clothes fit?
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    I was beating my body into submission with 5 weight training sessions and 7 cardio workouts every week, and I was eating 1500 calories doing that and getting nowhere fast.

    I am now doing 4 weight training sessions and 2 cardio sessions per week eating around 1800 calories and the weight is coming off.

    (On a side note, MFP set my calorie goal at the laughable 1200 mark, so even with exercise calories, I'm still eating around 1500-1600 which wasn't nearly enough. My TDEE is around 2150 calories, so my deficit was around 40% which is HUGE. Too big, honestly. We should be eating around 20% deficits to lose weight safely).

    If your calorie deficit is too large, it will cause plateaus and stalls. It's not "starvation" that we're talking about here, but simply eating the wrong deficit.

    I would check out the Road Map thread posted above for an in depth description of what goes on and how to help it.
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    How do I open up my diary? And thank you

    Go to your settings....
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    You need to eat more, your body needs nourishment, fuel to run properly!!
  • pauline_whitehead
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    I was 9 stone 6lb and I want to get back to 8stone 10 so I only have 3lb to go then maintain it and exercise.
    I think your right I'm not eating enough so I will increase just confused on how many calories a day I should be eating. I've increased then decreased so I really don't know what to do my daily goal at. I've opened my diary up now
  • pauline_whitehead
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    It's opened up now
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    You ate 700 calories on Friday and 900 most other days. Definitely undereating. With so little to lose you should keep your deficit much smaller, you could easily double your calories most days and still maintain a slight deficit.
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    Great advice Pu...thanks for posting that link.:smile:
  • devil_in_a_blue_dress
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    Your diary makes me a little sad, honestly. You really need to be eating at least 400-500 calories more per day.
  • pauline_whitehead
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    Thanks for advice I will increase up and I've looked at the link thank you I now understand as I had conflicting advice from work mates when I started this