Guess who's finally in "Onederland"?.....THIS girl! (Pics)



  • wendybird5
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    Good job, gorgeous!!
  • sugarandspice27
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    Ahhhh!!! You look marvelous!! Congrats on your success!!
  • MrsK20141004
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    Great job, you look fantastic! Also, I love your Sidney Crosby ticker :) I live in Cole Harbour, NS, I'm still hoping for the day when I see him around in the off-season.

    Congrats on the progress!
  • Docmahi
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    you are beautiful - awesome awesome job

    keep it up!
  • GREAT job!!
  • okcat4
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    You have fond YOU!
    Great job! It DOES feel fantastic to get below the 200 mark! happy joy dances all around! I just hit 185 and it fees surreal! I keep getting on the scale to confirm. Keep it up and be proud of all your successes!
  • MoRaeNew
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    You're keeping me motivated. Amazing job, you're doing phenomenal!
  • lkwalker71
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    Congrats!!! You look great!
  • JO4IT
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    Thanks for sharing your story. That's awesome!
  • marooned
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    Awesome job!!!
  • weliveaswedream
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    Congrats, you look amazing!
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  • verdouxkai
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    You look so great!! Congratulations!!!
  • firstloveyourself
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    Great work! And I love your tattoos :D
  • You look freaking fantastic.... except for one thing. That Penguin Jersey.....

    The only way I like to see a Penguin is when a Wing has him slammed up against the boards. :)


    Hockey rivalry aside, you look AMAZING! Congrats on all your hard work and all that you have achieved!
  • hockeyfan87
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    You all made my night <3 Thank you so, so much! :)
  • Ennielyn
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    You go, girl! This is absolutely fantastic! Strong work!!!
  • EvilDollee
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    Congrats, you are so adorable.
  • hockeyfan87
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    Thank you both :)
  • Oncebittentwiceshy38
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    Nice job!!!! You look so beautiful!