60 pounds down, finally in ONE-derland! (:

sierra_12 Posts: 249 Member
for those of you that aren't my friends, i thought i would share my story with you (:
at my high school graduation in May 2012 i was 260 pounds. last summer was a hard one that changed my life and who i am, so i decided to change my appearance on the outside to match the new me i had become on the inside.
i went off to college and gave a big middle finger to the “Freshman 15”. After almost a year of working my butt off at the gym, eating healthy, and telling myself i deserve to feel happy about myself and my body, i now stand tall and proud at 200 pounds.
now, im not quite where i want to be, but im closer than i was a year ago. i want to be an inspiration for people who think they cant do what they are dying to try.
i never thought i would look the way i do now, and i wouldn’t trade the throbbing legs, sore arms, and aching abs that i had day after day for anything in the world.
dont put yourself down or count yourself out before you give it everything you got.
happy Monday everyone (:



  • yoscarlino
    yoscarlino Posts: 100 Member
    Thanks for sharing! You look beautiful.
  • GSmith0904
    You look amazing!!! Very inspiring :)
  • princesspamelatransformation
    Thanks for the inspiration & congratulations on your success! You look One-derful!!
  • soxx226
    soxx226 Posts: 89 Member
    Fantastic results!
  • SexyLovinmeCook
    SexyLovinmeCook Posts: 1,393 Member
    Exellent results!
  • terikd99
    terikd99 Posts: 39 Member
    You look one-derful!! Congratulations on your success!!
  • lgreen37
    lgreen37 Posts: 196 Member
    Congratulations! You look wonderful!
  • unnur16
    unnur16 Posts: 140 Member
    you look fantastic!
  • wgrasso
    wgrasso Posts: 4 Member
    You're right - you ARE an inspiration! I am just starting the journey and can't remember when I was last in ONE-derland! You help to get a person fired up about it! You look awesome!
  • ladyonaquest
    ladyonaquest Posts: 605 Member
    You look AWESOME!!! Congrats on making it to ONEderland! It's the best feeling ever!!
  • quiksylver296
    quiksylver296 Posts: 28,442 Member
    Gorgeous! Keep it up. You look amazing!
  • ShallaLovee1
    ShallaLovee1 Posts: 356 Member
    That is great inspiration! Congratulations on your success so far! You are doing an amazing job!
  • TanjaMc
    TanjaMc Posts: 2 Member
  • Maris_Swan
    Maris_Swan Posts: 197 Member
    You look fantastic! :)
  • tartsul
    tartsul Posts: 298 Member
    you're adorable!
  • jess_goobie
    jess_goobie Posts: 133 Member
    Thanks for sharing. When i graduated high school i was 180 went to college for 4 years and one year living on my own i had gained almost 100 lbs i was at 274, I am close to getting to ONE-derland. I cant wait, I am hoping this month will be the month I see that 199.9 lol I am sure it is a great feeling. You look great!
  • ash8184
    ash8184 Posts: 701 Member
    Way to go! You look like a totally different person now :)
  • zeprose
    zeprose Posts: 74 Member
    Congratulations!! You look amazing.
  • sierra_12
    sierra_12 Posts: 249 Member
    thank you everyone! all i want to gain from this post is knowing that i can inspire at least one person to not give up, keep pushing through the tough times, you will make it! the good stuff never comes easy, you have to work your butt of to get there! (:
  • Phoenixchichima
    great work
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