Completely Sabotaged by co-worker!

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So, my office lunch buddy knows I'm trying to lose weight and is very supportive. And before deciding where we're going to eat, he'll ask what kind of calories I have to work with. This is awesome. However, I should note that when I say "I'm pretty open" this translates into "Yay we can have Indian Buffet." And I was even trying to get smaller portions when we went today. Probably doesn't help that I didn't do my usual gym routine.

No...wait..that's the complete opposite of being sabotaged by my co-worker. nvm. :)

Screw it. Going over today. Whatevs.

I'll just be happy that tomorrow is another opportunity for success. And to those not on my friends list, this way more positive than I my usual sullen, sarcastic self; I blame the spring weather.


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    Now I want Indian Buffet. You're sabotaging me!


  • EvanKeel
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    Oh Zoe Deschanel. You're a one trick pony, but it does seem to be a popular trick. Good for her.
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    @evankeel - cooworkers are the worst ones. Don't trust anything they do....

    During my office bet, my cooworkers would bring pasteries, cater in food. Women would complain that I looked too skinning...