High/Low calorie days

selina884 Posts: 826 Member
Does anybody else have different calorie requirements for each day so long as the weekly calorie target does not exceed?

This is my method;

Workout days - 1700 calories
Non workout days - 1200 calories
Saturday 2500 calories

All opinions are welcome.


  • xampx
    xampx Posts: 323 Member
    I work on a basic of 1550 and then count my exercise calories seperately, so workout days I get about 400 extra.

    Weekends at home I do longer workouts and eat over 2000, weekends at my bfs we are usually busy and hes not foody so I try to net a minimum of 1200 and then I sometimes have a chunk leftover so I can have whatever i want for dinner on Mondays :)
  • groovy_dhruvy
    groovy_dhruvy Posts: 35 Member
    I definitely let myself go a bit at the weekends - I work hard in the week but give myself a break at the weekends and let my hair down. The over-all result is still a weekly calorie deficit on my maintenance rate but I don't feel like I can't go out with my friends etc.

    Also, yes, on exercise days I try to eat a little more although I didn't manage it yesterday - I just felt too full. Maybe watching what I eat has changed how much food my body considers to be 'normal' so that what used to eb a normal portion is now too much to handle.