Erb's Palsy Exercise Issues

I have Erb's Palsy in my right arm. If you don't know what it is, it's basically a paralysis of the arm due to nerve injury. The severity varies from person to person. I have limited mobility and strength in my right arm, so it makes a lot of exercises, particularly strength training ones, difficult if not impossible.

I've noticed some changes in my left arm, but nothing in my right arm. That's when I realized it's going to be even harder than I expected to get my right arm toned.

So, I was wondering if there was anyone else on here that has Erb's palsy. What do you do? We could help each other out since we have a twist to our weight loss goals. haha Even if you don't have it, what modifications would you recommend to various workouts?


  • laurenkeh
    laurenkeh Posts: 15 Member
    Hi. My sister has Erb's palsy of the right shoulder too. She has found that swimming is a great way to increase muscle and mobility.
  • techiebree
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    I have just recently joined the gym and have erb's palsy in my right arm. I used to have good mobility in my arm when I was younger but I believe around the time I was in middle school it began to freeze up due to lack of use. I have very limited range when I raise my arm up and it is definitely painful. I understand your frustration with modifying your routine.

    It is hard for me to up my weights or to do some of the simple dumbbell exercises. I have found that the machines allow more consistently.

    I have been doing a lot of physical therapy stretches in order to stretch out my shoulder. Have you seen a doctor or specialist recently about this? I have been meaning to make an appointment so I can verify that I'm doing the right things.
  • Yes me too, I also find it very restrictive, have ERB's palsy in right arm, weight lifting has done wonders for me on the left side, but right side hasn't lost any fat.