Spot the difference...?

bandedsandi Posts: 122 Member
Last year in Sept., the first photo was taken. I was on a tour through Turkey, and we were traveling by minibus. Nobody wanted to sit next to me - simply because there wasn't enough space next to me! I felt terrible! That was when I decided to do something drastic! I had the lapband operation on 23 October 2012.

I've lost 25kg since then - the second photo was taken a week ago, 5 April 2013. I'm on my halfway mark. I need to lose 25kg more. I feel like a different person!

It has been incredibly hard work! Anyone who thinks that the lapband is an easy way out, needs to do some research about how it really works. It is merely a tool, and if you don't follow the - very strict - dietry rules, it won't work.

Blessings to everybody else on their weightloss missions! Don't ever give up...



  • JJPT
    JJPT Posts: 69
    Wow - Amazing changes! Congrats!
  • 36jessica
    36jessica Posts: 319 Member
    Fantastic progress! And thanks for sharing about the lapband and the dedication needed to make it work.
  • sandradev1
    sandradev1 Posts: 786 Member
    There is a huge difference, well done. Keep going :flowerforyou:
  • madseasons
    madseasons Posts: 105 Member
    Great job, hun! A co-worker just got the lapband and is really starting to see how much work it really is. I helped him research it all and although I took off my weight without this extra tool, I had considered in the past for myself and fully supported his decision.

    Again, be proud of yourself! Pictures are proof of your hard work! :)
  • Hadabetter
    Hadabetter Posts: 941 Member
    So proud of you my MFP friend.
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