Little Miss Muffett sat on her Tufft.....

So here is the rest of the nursery rhyme as I see it today....eating her Curds (Low-Fat Cottage Cheese) and Whey (Protein). Along came a spider and sat down beside her, and said, " DAMN YOU LOOK HOT TODAY!" The point is.... What are you doing, and eating to get to this point? Where you can tell yourself you look good? For me it's there. I know I am only half way to where I want to be, but I have not thought this about myself since my early twenties! I'm just curious what it has taken for others to get here.


  • BarackMeLikeAHurricane
    BarackMeLikeAHurricane Posts: 3,401 Member
    I eat whatever tastes good and fits my macros. As long as I stay under my calorie goal, within my macros, and lift I have good results. Btw I ate pizza and chocolate yesterday if that helps.
  • Saucy_lil_Minx
    Saucy_lil_Minx Posts: 3,302 Member
    I do not restrict too many things that I eat. I have change my portions, and frequency in which I treat myself to the Yummies! My exercise level, and I am getting the results I want. I love a variety in my diet so I would like to see what others eat.
  • CMGoodie
    CMGoodie Posts: 93 Member
    I eat what I pretty much want as long as I can keep it within my limitations but I make sure I get my exercise in even if I have to drag myself to the gym or around the block.

    Yesterday I had a stuffed sopaipilla w/carne adovado for dinner, and a plain one with honey for dessert and still kept it under.
    Today is a rest day as I have so many things to do, but I will get in a P90X stretch session in this evening to help my soreness subside.

    I am on a 2lb a week weight loss goal - 1200 calories and so far have managed to achieve it. I did have a bad weekend a couple of weeks where I ate road food while traveling, but my weight did not increase so that was good.