Hemp vs. Whey

How different are they? Which is a better choice for sliming down, and toning up?


  • Isaanne
    Isaanne Posts: 41 Member
    Whey is derived from milk - hemp is plant based. I don't know the relative goodness of one over the other.

    I have not tried hemp based - but I use whey based protein powder (biochem) regularly.
  • SteelySunshine
    SteelySunshine Posts: 1,092 Member
    How different are they? Which is a better choice for sliming down, and toning up?

    I am trending vegan so I gotta say hemp. But, the other reason I have to say it is because animal derived foods tend to have things in them like cholesterol and now growth hormones, neither are good for me because I have high cholesterol despite having zero animal fats in my diet. My doctor says it's a good thing I don't have dietary cholesterol.
  • Saucy_lil_Minx
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    Well I think I am a convert to Hemp! I tried it this morning, and ..... YUMMO! I think the flavor was so much better than the Whey (Level-1). The more plant-based I go the more I am enjoying my food choices. I know I will never give up fish, or a piece of steak once in a Blue Moon. I am sure I will have meat at some point in the day, but I am very much a plant girl. I find it much more satisfying! In a way it kind of make since seeing as I was on soy formula as an infant. I did not tolerate milk products well, and I am still not a huge fan of dairy. My only concern is since I work out 6 days a week is it sufficient in the protein department? I imagine it is, and from what I understand it is a more complete source of Amino Acids. Which is so essential for natural production in HGC in our Pituitary gland. I know that HGC is important to promote healthy weight loss, and to slow the bodies aging process. Really at this point unless someone can convince me otherwise I think I will stick to Hemp. Please enlighten if I am wrong, because I am a knowledge hog!