What, where, when & why...

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your profile pic that is?

I love looking at others profile pic, yes I creep on people I don't know when they respond to a thread or a friends post :noway: some pics are pretty clear, but others ummmmmm makes me wonder :laugh:

Mine -
what: it's me
where: at the Neon Splash Dash
when: March 23, 2013
why: it was my first ever 5K and I was super proud of myself (plus the glowing paint is pretty cool :bigsmile: )


  • sugboog29
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    What: me & me momma
    Where: Left-Mom's 80th birthday party Right-Anniversary party for friends
    When: left-June 2010 Right-August 2012
    Why: needed a comparison to show my weight loss!! And I wanted a pic with my momma!
  • What: Son's wedding
    Where: Manitoba
    When: 1.5 years ago, but I'm the same weight, got back at it again....
    Why: Walking him down the isle!
  • Timshel_
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    your profile pic that is?

    what: Me
    where: On my couch at my house
    when: Last year sometime?
    why: My son had my camera and was taking pictures around the house. He said I "looked chillaxed".
  • What: My best running buddy, Jenn & Me (that's me in the striped hat)
    Where: Military 5k
    When: March, 2013
    Why: I actually look like a runner in the picture!! LOL!
  • SweetTeaAndCutoffs
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    What: That's me snuggled up
    Where: My cooozzzy bed
    When: Couple weeks ago at night
    Why: I wanted to test out the black and white filter..and ended up thinking the result was kinda cool!
  • jdelot
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    What: Me
    Where: Kickin' it at the Creek 10k
    When: May 2009
    Why: First 10k and my arms actually had some definition.
  • sevsmom
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    What: Me & DH
    Where: Dave & Buster's Photo Booth
    When: Feb '12 (I'm still the same weight)
    Why: 8th Anniversary. . .we went there on our first "real" date and then back on our 1st anniversary. Just revisiting for fun!

    Edited year. . .tried to make that before I even met my hubby!!
  • DankaCibulka
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    what: myself
    where: London, King Cross Station
    when: two years ago
    why: coz I am HP geek:D
  • christabel6
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    What: that's me
    Where: a friend's wedding
    When: um... February 2009?
    Why: I don't like photos of myself and so there aren't many to choose from.
  • askeates
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    I love this... I think profile pics tell a lot about a person, so I will play :)

    Mine -
    what: it's me
    where: the left is me taking my oldest to college in Aug 2009,the right is me this past Christmas with my baby girl
    when: Aug 09/Dec 12
    why: Motivation!!!!! The first was the first pic of me that I saw in a long time that really made me want to wake up and lose weight...
    The second one made me realize that even though it has taken a long time to lose the weight, I'm keeping it off, and looking so much better! I can't wait to add a 3rd one that is even better ;)
  • coliema
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    What: It's me.
    Where: In my bathroom.
    When: About a month ago.
    Why: Because I wanted to.
  • Dead_Darling
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    What: me
    Where: my room
    When: about a month ago
    Why: I wanted to see how I looked in my Machinehead t-shirt, plus I just came back from a really long drive, so why not! :)
  • NotRailMeat
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    What: Myself
    Where: Crewing during a regatta 2 miles off the coast of Newport Beach, CA
    When: Nov 2012
    Why: One of the women on the crew took this picture and calls it my "Playgirl Pose".
  • the_journeyman
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    What: My 30lb black cat.
    Where: My laundry room, specifically my still warm dryer
    When: Sometime last year.
    Why? Well, why not?

  • kliermann
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    Why:Waiting on incoming wounded people or animals
    Where: under hero's highway, Balad Airbase, Iraq (walkway from the medical helo pad and the hospital)
    When: july 2008
  • Calliope610
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    What - Me, of course
    Where - group pictures during my parent's 50th wedding anniversary get-together - I cropped everyone else out
    When - July 2010
    Why - I feel "pretty" in this pic.
  • chantelp89
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    What: It's me! : )
    Where: My couch
    When: Today
    Why: Because my face looks skinny again!
  • pawnstarNate
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    What: my legs
    Where: my living room
    When: this morning
    Why: mfp friend requested a pic of my legs after I posted they looked great.

    Then end...continue on
  • catrinaHwechanged
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    What: Me.
    Where: My bathroom.
    When: A week or two ago.
    Why: Do I need a reason? Hmmmm......good hair day?
  • pawnstarNate
    pawnstarNate Posts: 1,728 Member
    What: That's me snuggled up
    Where: My cooozzzy bed
    When: Couple weeks ago at night
    Why: I wanted to test out the black and white filter..and ended up thinking the result was kinda cool!

    How YOU doin? ;)