In need of friends

Hi guys,

I have never posted anything before except on my personal blog. I just wonder if there are people out there I could be friends with. I've had a rough last couple of years and lost some very close friends because they didn't understand what I was going through with anxiety and depression, and It's been hard not really having the support of friends to get through it. I managed to get better on my own and now I feel ready to reach out. I've always felt like no one understands me. I just want to start a new chapter in my life and be healthy and proud of who I am and what I've accomplished.


  • dw61574
    dw61574 Posts: 11
    Congrats on your new "start" to your healthier life. I can be a lending ear, if you need one.
  • AztecKermit
    AztecKermit Posts: 27 Member
    I've sent you a friend request.
  • BumbleB5
    BumbleB5 Posts: 4 Member
    It is awesome that you are taking this step! Feel free to add me as a friend! :)
  • Mom4Liz
    Mom4Liz Posts: 55
    I just sent you a friend request
  • Imigen04
    Imigen04 Posts: 112 Member
    I have been thru the same but this community is so encouraging and helpful. I couldn't get thru this alone I live with skinny ppl who never watch what they eat and they want to gain so its so hard. Feel free to add me :)
  • marysowter
    marysowter Posts: 121 Member
    Good for you,I hope you do well,have fun and enjoy your healthy life may add me as a friend if you so wish :smile: x
  • You can add me as a friend; I totally understand how you can lose people in your life because of depression/ anxiety.