Additives for Protein Shakes

Just wanted to bounce ideas off anyone for things I can put into my protein shakes. I am currently using powdered peanut butter and Kyo Green but I would like more ideas. I cannot put fruit into my shakes or ice, not because I don't want to, but because they aren't available at my current location. I have vanilla and chocolate flavor and I mix them with almond milk. I order most of my stuff from Amazon or Vitacost.

I appreciate any suggestions :)


  • CarlydogsMom
    CarlydogsMom Posts: 645 Member
    Some ideas:
    Shredded unsweetened coconut flakes (no doubt you could find on Amazon)
    Powdered Acai (also found on Amazon), that Samozan brand I think
    Chia seeds or chia seed powder (found on Amazon)
    I have heard of some folks using the little Crystal Light powdered drink packets that are for a bottle of water, i.e. the fruit-flavored powder.
    Powdered or liquid chlorella (Amazon!)
  • Lunachic77
    Lunachic77 Posts: 434 Member
    Thanks for the input! The powdered Acai sounds interesting and I also was reading up on ground flax seed. I currently use Kyo green which is the powdered chlorella, brown rice, and grasses. I'm not so sure about the Crystal Light in chocolate and vanilla flavors.

    But thanks so much, I never knew about powdered acai. :noway: