early morning leg cramps!

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The last few mornings Ive been awakened to muscle cramps in my lower legs. Painful! Anyone have any advice on how to make this stop? I haven't been doing anything new or different in my workouts.or what I'm eating. I know about an accupressure point that helps relax it...but it keeps happening...a smaller muscle on the side of the leg, not the big calf muscle.


  • HollisGrant
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    Different things can cause leg cramps. My husband used to get them because he didn't eat enough salt. Here's a general overview:

  • megsmom2
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    I will check that out...thank you!
  • minivegrunner
    As above poster stated, different things can cause this.

    I have heard that vitamin-B deficiency as well as vitamin-D can cause leg cramping. i'm not sure what else can though. I would suggest talking with your GP about your symptoms. He/she may suggest a supplement or dietary change. :)
  • Requiembell
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    I would start with electrolytes. Sounds like you dont have any.
    Remember calcium is one too so have some sports drinks and milk

    plus lots of water.

    Thats usually the cause.
  • dancingdeer
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    This used to happen to me and it's often caused by dehydration or electrolyte imbalance. Try potassium supplements or drinking coconut water - coconut water is full of potassium - more than a banana.
  • healthygreek
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    My husband used to get them all the time but now he takes 1 sublingual B12 and a banana everyday and he doesn't get them anymore. If he forgets them the cramps come back after a few days.
  • jzammetti
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    potassium deficiency can also cause cramps - have a banana?
  • Sassybmom
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    For me it's always potassium deficiency so I eat more baked potatoes :)
  • apothecarist
    I agree on low potassium being a potential cause. Bananas, a little orange juice, tomatoes, strawberries...some good sources of potassium.
  • LinOtt
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    My GP recommended Magnesium supplements. I have been taking these before I go to sleep each night and find that I am sleeping better and no more cramps. The cramps return though if I stop taking them after a while.
  • GiveTheGeniusACookie
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    potassium ansd magnesium
  • sister_bear
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    I would ask my doctor for a blood test to eliminate possible deficiencies mentioned above that could be causing it.
  • tippetmaster
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    I would go through periods where I will get these cramps that are super painful and wake me up around two am, usually I will increase my water intake and eat more bananas. Usually they will happen after I eat a lot of salt and have lighter work ours I try to keep my ion balances even so I can avoid the cramps. The last one I had was so bad I couldn't run for 3 days after it happened.