Going to start C25K tomorrow, any advice?


Tomorrow I'm going to start C25K! Hopefully, after completing this.. I can achieve a lot more cause the boyfriend and I have set ourselves a goal to do the London Marathon in 2015. He could do it next year if he wanted to, because he's fit and athletic. But I'm 111.8kg.. unhealthy and haven't ran for 5 minutes! So couldn't bloody mange 26 miles even if I tried. We want to do it together and set it for 2015!

I decided before agreeing to do the Marathon in 2015, that I'm going to take up C25K to get me into jogging. Then after that 5k will turn into 10k and so on. I'm not somebody who lack's determination, so I know I can do this.. But now just going a bigger aim! All this is small steps training to hopefully do the Marathon.

So, as a new comer to jogging. Any advice would be much appreciated! As I'd like to really show people what I'm made of. A friend said "you must be having a laugh, a blob like you doing the Marathon?". She's just blunt by the way, she doesn't mean to be rude.. so I'm going to prove her wrong! ♥

Much love!

Paige ♥


  • timeasterday
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    Just take it easy at first - don't try going for speed. Allow for rest days between runs. Realize that you'll have good days and bad days. And join the C25K group here!!

    Good luck on your marathon goal. You CAN do it! I'm finishing C25K this week and hope to run a full marathon by next spring. Already signed up for a half later this year.
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    Yeah give up the C25K bull**** & just run. Don't take off so fast but just run till you can't. Next day run further.

    C25K is a waste of time IMO. I never did it and withing a month of taking up running I was doing 10km & still am. Before I ran I would be lucky to walk that distance.
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    Just start running...and you'll get better. While a noobie google information on proper running form. There is tons on youtube and elsewhere.
  • AmyRhubarb
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    I used c25k - worked great for me and turned me into a runner! :bigsmile: And this is from a gal who has always HATED running _ switched from basketball to volleyball in school because there was less running and I could stay on my own side of the court! So I wouldn't say c25k is BS of any sort - it's a free program, and it works.

    I would say make sure you've got good shoes - go to a running store and get fitted if you can, or at least make sure they are fairly new and have good support. Stick to the c25k program - don't try to do more, especially in the first week or two when you might feel like you can do more. I got through the whole process without missing any days or getting any injuries, and I think sticking with the program as it's written helped with that! Go slow - as the running times increase throughout the weeks, go as slowly as you need to to complete each day's workout. Don't worry about your distance or speed, just complete the time. Slow jogging is still jogging! :smile:

    And have fun!
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    I'm currently at week 5 of my own C25K, and my only advice is to run slowly - its not a race. And complete every step - if it says to run 3 minutes, then run 3 minutes, because I think part of the beauty of C25K is that each day that you complete gives you confidence that you can do the next day. And get an app for your phone that tells you when to run, when to walk, etc - much easier than trying to remember each individual step.
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    Yeah give up the C25K bull**** & just run. Don't take off so fast but just run till you can't. Next day run further.

    C25K is a waste of time IMO. I never did it and withing a month of taking up running I was doing 10km & still am. Before I ran I would be lucky to walk that distance.

    You're lucky you avoided injury.

    The op weighs 111kg.

    You don't think taking it slow might be a marginally better plan than gung-hoing it?
  • I just finished week 6 and it is going well, don't be intimidated when it comes time for longer spurts, you will feel like "no way can I do this!" but your body will settle into a longer jog.

    The program is a good one, for those of us with no experience running/jogging it really builds up endurance. I agree with the others, don't worry about speed. I started jogging at a 4.5 speed, and am up to a 5.4 speed now, I just go with whatever feels like my body can handle. I am currently just on a treadmill and will transfer it to outside soon.

    You may be tempted to push yourself, just follow the program instead, don't do the days back to back (hard on the knees).
  • karinapeterson
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    C25k is a good start to help you see what you can do. I started there last year but then got stuck being able to run 5-10 mins. This Jan I started to just do it by kms. I started trying 1.5km around the block then pushed the next time to 3km and just kept mapping runs with a little more milage and once I got to 5k I was ecstatic and added little hills, tempo runs and distance. I can now run 15kms, slow and steady but I can do it. Aiming for a half in August. I was over 110kg last year when starting this, 44 and with asthma so yes, I know you can do it. You sound like I did. The biggest thing I would say is Do it for you!! That is what will push you the most. Listen to your body, walk if your too tired to run that day. Eat well and keep hydrated. Good shoes hugely important to avoid injury and stretch well afterward. Message me if you have any questions and best of luck, not that you need it :o)
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    i did that! started off with c25k and within 18 months ran my 1st marathon. and it prob only took me that long because i didn't know i wanted to run a full and got a bit lost after each training plan was completed.
    i was also 116kgs or so when i started (about 80 now).
    tips- go slowly. you'll learn what stuff you need as you improve, but at the beginning it's all about going slowly. also, get a good bra (or wear 2 bra's and a really tight tshirt under your running top).
    and break it down. i think for me it would be way too daunting to not be able to run for 5 mins but plan to run 5hrs! i started with c25k, then did b210k, then hal higdons half, then hal higdons full (20 week) training. i just focussed on doing one of them without thinking too far into the future.
    plan your races in to fit the training- you will need to do organised runs as they are what you're working towards!
    when you reach a goal (ie completing c25k, etc) reward yourself with some new stuff. my 1st 5k i got myself a free tshirt with the race entry, got me some proper runners trainees and some proper running pants- made a world of difference. i also like gadgets, so for birthdays and xmasses got a nike sportsband and a polar hrm.

    good luck. the MOST important thing about distance running IMO is consistency. just stick (mostly) with the training plans.

    good luck
  • timeasterday
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    You're lucky you avoided injury.

    The op weighs 111kg.

    You don't think taking it slow might be a marginally better plan than hung-hoing it?

    Yeah, definitely follow the plan. I started C25K in great shape last year. I skipped the first two weeks and pushed each run a bit too fast and 4 weeks later was in pain with tendonitis. I ended up having to totally stop running for 6 weeks and start all over. I restarted C25K from day 1 and took it easy this time. I still deal with some slight off & on pain but it's getting better.

    So follow the plan or risk injury.
  • epie2098
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    You will feel like you're running too slowly - go at a pace that feels comfortable for you. I still feel that I run far slower than I actually do.

    Get an app that will tell you when to run and when to walk that plays over your music.

    There's a big jump when you get to the 20 minute run, too big for me. At that point, I switched to 3 mins running, 2 walking for a week, then 4 mins running, 1 min walking, for 30 minutes. Then I just went for a 30 minute run and felt awesome, so I was actually at 30 mins running ahead of the c25k schedule.
  • nosey_rosey
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    I started the C25k program in December. I did it for about 4 weeks and found a pace that I could do for.... well I havent found out how long yet lol. I just did 8 miles yesterday. I am getting ready for my first half marathon in June. I would try the c25k plan.... it does help in the beginning a ton. Oh and I was that blob out running and now I have lost almost 50lbs and am almost at goal 6 months later!!! Just stick with it.... running becomes addicting =)
  • nikki_mar
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    It is not a waste of time. I used it to complete my first 5k last Saturday and finished 5 minutes faster than my best training time. I trained on the treadmill the whole time (because of the freezing weather and my work schedule). The hills during the race almost took me out but my legs were strong (because I did weights during my off running days) and my will was stronger.

    One thing I did realize during the last few weeks, was that I needed to up my pace because the rate I was going was not getting me to 3.2 miles by the end of the session. The program (which I used through the app) has you running for a certain 35 minutes (in addition, 5 min for warm up and 5 for cool down) and it does not focus on whether you ran three miles or not.

    Most of all, have fun during the race. I did.
  • JenniTheVeggie
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    I think it works. I did week 8, day 1 today. A little over a year ago I would not of walked up the street if I didn't have to. My advice is just push through. It isn't easy but is isn't impossible!

    Oh and I love running now. I don't run fast but that will come with time.

    Have fun!
  • chellebublz
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    I didn't read all the replies. But I'm in my 4th week of the Zombies 5k (which is a form of c25k, it is a little different from the traditional program and has a fun storyline, starts out easier too) and I went from almost dying running 30 seconds to today I was able to run a full 15 minutes. Which is HUGE for me, I've never been able to run like that, ever. And I'm 225 lbs at 5'3, so I'm not in shape by any means.

    My advice, stretch before and after and stretch well. Don't risk injuries because they suck. I laughed about stretching and ended up pulling the muscles surrounding my knees and had to stay off my feet for days at a time after running. 2nd piece of advice, work on running longer THEN work on running faster.
  • fluffykitsune
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    Start slow. A lot of people run slower than they walk. Take a friend or your dog if you have one. You should be able to talk to them while you run, if you can't then you're running too fast.

    Drink a lot of water the day before, loading up on water the day of your runs won't save you from dehydration.

    Oh. And.. Maybe start today. (: you can do this.
  • I started the program today, and I couldn't finished the first one. But, I am really out of shape and HATE running. Also, I am new to the exercise and dieting stuff. I'm personally about 50 pounds heavier than I should be, and I'm only 18. I do plan on doing the last 15 minutes tomorrow. I don't feel bad that I didn't finished, I feel good that I even tried and got half way through. My problem was that I tried to run as fast as I could and tired out realllllyyyy fast. My advice, go slow, finish if you can, and don't hate yourself for any mistakes or sessions you can't finished. Good luck on your program! :)
  • kimcatus
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    I used the C25K program and it turned me into a runner as well. I agree with most everyone about taking it slow and easy and don't push yourself yet...that's how you get burned out and injured.

    It's a great program for beginners and I think you've set yourself a great goal! Good luck!!
  • It will work if you let it....but dont expect it to be easy! Stick with it!
  • happydaze71
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    There are people who absolutely love C25K.... I'm not one of them, but then I'm a stubborn cow. But seriously, lots of people who have never run before use that program and have been very successful.
    Advice.. if you have to stop and walk, dont stop completely and dont keep walking until your heart rate is right down, you'll never get fitter like that.
    Also sign up for a 5k fun run, maybe for 3 or 4 months time, that will give you the motivation to finish the C25k program, and you wont want to waste the money you've spent.
    Good luck, you'll learn to love it, and hate it lol