Weight loss in feet?

Silly question - can your feet actually get less wide with weight loss? Back when I started running (around 50 lbs ago) I was in a wide running shoe. In recent months I've noticed my shoes felt less tight, and actually a little bit big (to the point that I was getting blisters from excess movement. Just got a new pair of kicks on friday, and was able to comfortably fit into a normal width shoe.

It sure seems like a 25% weight loss has affected my foot width, I was just surprised to see that. Anyone else ever notice this?


  • radodge92243
    Yes, I have had the same experience with weightloss. I went from a wide width to a normal width in my shoes. Size still remained the same though.
  • lmnconn
    lmnconn Posts: 24 Member
    Yes, same here. My shoes have gotten loose. I will need a smaller pair soon.
  • noturbyrd
    I lost a whole shoe size when I lost the majority of my weight.
  • thecakelocker
    thecakelocker Posts: 407 Member
    My husband went from 14EEEE to 13W and I went from 9.5 to 8.5 :smile: lot easier buying shoes these days.
  • WilliamsPeggy
    WilliamsPeggy Posts: 440 Member
    Yes. down 49 lbs. from heaviest weight and have lost 1/2 a shoe size.
  • LifeWithPie
    LifeWithPie Posts: 552 Member
    Yup. I went from an 8.5 wide to an 8 regular.
  • PeteWhoLikesToRunAlot
    PeteWhoLikesToRunAlot Posts: 596 Member
    Ok thanks everyone - I never thought feet could be a "problem area", weight wise.