Question about protein and cardio

I typically take in between 115-123 grams of protein daily. I do this with a combination of protein shakes/bars and lean meats and fish, but most of my protein comes from chicken and fish. I am currently 122 lbs. I do cardio (running, elliptical, Insanity) 4x per week. Occasionally (but not often) I do some light weight training. Is taking that amount of protein and not really doing any strength training a negative thing? I guess I'm just wondering if my protein intake vs. the type of exercise is counterintuitive.


  • Lyadeia
    Lyadeia Posts: 4,603 Member
    Eating protein is never a negative thing. You're fine eating at that level.

    If you are in a calorie deficit and already pretty light, why not increase your "light" weight training to some strength training and put that protein to good use to prevent any lean mass loss that would normally occur with calorie deficit + cardio routines?