jessilee119 Posts: 444 Member
I was able to button up the one pair of pants I haven't fit in since having my son!! They're snug, but I can wear them!!

What's your NSV? :happy:


  • Bumblebee3441
    Bumblebee3441 Posts: 67 Member
    You know, I just started back a week and a half ago cutting back, using portion control and logging in. My NSV is that a someone told me yesterday that I looked slimmer. :noway: I told them, "I just started!", and they said that whatever I was doing to keep it up because it's working. WOW!! I'll take that!
  • Wearing a size Medium top (from XL) and size 10 jeans (down from size 14). Feels very good, and when I wear clothes that fit, my progress shows up better, too!
  • synthomarsh
    synthomarsh Posts: 189 Member
    Recently someone finally noticed and commented on my weight loss felt great lol.

    also I went to a bachelor party and didn't drink or eat bad foods.... yes it is possible
  • jennbme24
    jennbme24 Posts: 32 Member
    Was told today that I dont need to wear this outfit again at work it is way to big. Funny thing was I wore it last week and everyone told me that they loved it. I can already tell a big difference in my body and my clothes after two weeks of doing JMBR but it is nice to hear it too!!!!! Lets just hope the scale shows it tomorrow on weigh in day. yikes!
  • mattschwartz01
    mattschwartz01 Posts: 566 Member
    I had a personal best on the leg press. I can lift 478 pounds or almost 1.5x my body weight. Previously, I could barely lift my body weight. And this is the real thing, the Hammer Strength press with actual 45 pound weight plates. Woooooo!
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