Not new, but starting fresh

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so this isnt my first time falling off the bandwagon, but hopefully the last. I'm 22, 5'6, and 216 lbs. my heaviest was 222, and quite a few factors have contributed to my weight gain. I was an active kid, stopped sports, gained a little weight. then hit university and began to stress eat, sat down a lot more (studying) and got into a car accident which completely limited my abilities. I'm finally back in good working condition, and have graduated from my studies. I will be a REgistered nurse after writing my registration exam. I managed to land a camp nurse job in order to get to stay outside and do lots of physical activities to support my weight loss. I've taken an interest in lifting weights, but i have no idea where to begin, and i feel i should lose some fat first before lifting heavy. So MFP, I'm starting again, and hopefully for the last time.
Add me as a friend if you have similar goals/started at a similar point or want to motivate eachother


  • I'm adding you. I'm back after not logging in for a couple months, and it seems like all of my friends have been slipping too. I think I need some new people to keep me motivated!
  • leisa182
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    you've taken the first step... when you have a rough day there is a team of us here.
    I have recently lost 4.5 kilos using MFP and nutritional cleansing... I am feeling great and motivated.
    well done on coming back to start fresh... let's make small changes together for a happier, healthier you!
  • 30Purple
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    totally slipped as well. feel free to add :)
  • starfinale
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    you can add me if you'd like. I need new active friends :)
  • Wilmingtonbelle
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    YOU ARE AWESOME and YOU CAN DO IT! :flowerforyou:

    Know you are not alone, I'm back after losing weight and yep, putting it back on. I'm not beating myself up because the most important thing is coming back and working to succeed again.

    I'm always open to new, motivated, positive friends on a this journey to better health.

  • knitwit0704
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    I started fresh with this account a few weeks ago. Feel freed to add me.