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Lalasharni Posts: 353 Member
Posted on 2013-04-24 by Lalasharni

What I'd give for toasted cheese

On thick white bread and butter

Greasy, and dripping from the grill

upon my plate, for supper.

What I'd give for chololate fudge

A-top with thick ice cream

marshmallow, candy pops and nuts

With chocolate flakes between.

What I'd give for Apple pie

With custard, thick and creamy

With hints of cinnamon and spice

Oh wouldn't that be dreamy?

The cheese, the chocolate and pie

Would happily slip between my lips

Go round my system twice, and then

Sit firmly on my hips.

But I will munch on carrot sticks

Dipped in my spicy salsa

And sup from classes tall and cold

A pint of diet soda.

So when I step upon the scales

I'll smile, contentedly -

That week on week, there always is

Assuredly, less of me.

The cheese, and ice cream and the pie

Are just a fleeting dream

Until the day, I clearly see

That I'm a size 14!

And Gods - give me patience - but hurry!!