The 55 Day Challenge! C'mon!!

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55 Day Challenge = Seven weeks to a Sexy and Slimmer Summer Body Challenge !

June 21st! We have a lot of time before summer starts! Let’s lose some major lbs over the next few weeks. I need motivation in a big way and I think support and accountability will help so I thought I would start this challenge.

Here are the details:

The Goal: To lose 15 pounds in 7 weeks
Start date: Friday, April 26th
End date: Friday, June 21 27th

Weight in days are……you guessed it…....Friday!

I will create our progress posts on Fridays so look for the 55 Day Challenge.

1st week weight:
2nd week weight:
3rd week weight:
4th week weight:
5th week weight:
6th week weight:

Total Weight lost:
feel free to takes before/after pics to share and or inches to share :)

We can do this. We are rock stars. Good luck and see you on Fridays!


  • ellaloveslove
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    Well I don't think I could lose 15lbs in 7 weeks (that's a little over 2lbs a week if my math is correct) but I'll still do the weigh ins with you guys/gals! I think I'll aim for 10lbs, I would be ecstatic with that much dropped by then!

    Good luck! :flowerforyou:
  • Same here, don't think I could lose all of 15lbs in 7 weeks - that would reach my goal - but I'd still love to join you all in this challenge! Will do the best I can :D
  • kellylou1367
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    I'll join this challenge, think I will aim for 15lbs too in 7 weeks, I have an event in mid July I want to look fit and healthy for :smile:

    Goal: To lose 15lbs in 2 months
    Start date: 26/04/13
    End Date: 21/06/13

    I will do my measurements tonight and add them later. I completed day 1 of C25k this week, combining it with strength training at the gym.
  • kellylou1367
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    I've just completed D2W1 of C25K this evening :happy:
  • I would love to join this challenge! I believe i can loose 15lbs in 7 weeks! Start date 4/27/2013 ;-)......
    ..30 min of cardio/dance - 50 squats- 40 taking a water break and playing wit the kiddos!!!
  • helloitsali
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    I'd love to join this challenge! I definitely want to try to lose 15 pounds in 7 weeks! Is this going to be an individual thing or are we going to have teams or something?
  • tra428
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    hey girl, I'm totally in. Should I post my starting stats?
  • estey89
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    I'll make a chart with start weight, 1st weigh in (fri) and goals :)
  • mercergirl2008
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    I'm in
  • pghsmiles
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    I am in!! I will tey really har for a goal of 15 pounds.
  • tra428
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    alright! here is goes...I'll take some before and after pics too to really motivate myself, never done that before!

    Weight: 160 lbs (I'm pretty sure, I'll get a second opinion, scales are sketchy untrustworthy things)

    Neck 13.5 on 04/22/13
    Waist 34.0 on 04/22/13
    Hips 45.0 on 04/22/13
    Bust 39.0 on 04/22/13
    Chest 34.0 on 04/22/13
    Thigh 27.0 on 04/22/13
    Calf 13.0 on 04/22/13
    Upperarm 11.5 on 04/22/13
    Forearm 9.0 on 04/22/13