Biggest Loser GOT me mad

I never watch he show, but today I just happen to put the tv on.........some dude gained 2 pounds , after loosing proabably over 100 already and people on the show were yelling at him like a dog. This show gives weight loss a bad name. i could gain two pounds eating a watermelon!


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    Also sometimes they will lose 5-6 lbs in a week and then CRY because it wasn't enough. It is just so disjointed from reality for most people.
  • The only thing is he did sabotage himself by over eating he was home for 30 days and gained 2lbs. I mean he has done awesome and I think he will continue to do awesome.
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    yeah but he had 30 days to get into the final two and gained 2 lbs. Plus he was training for a marathon, so he must have totally crapped out on his eating. Don't get me wrong I love Daris but that shouldn't have happened.
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    If you dont watch the show, you dont understand the context of what you saw.
  • shannahrenee
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    If you dont watch the show, you dont understand the context of what you saw.

    well put.
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    While I agree that the lifestyle on this show is not realistic, I do agree that watching one show does not give you a true idea of what is happening. I feel bad for Daris but he didn't pay attention to what he needed to do over the month. I still voted for him, I don't like Koli.
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    I've lost interest in the Biggest Loser since It started being more about politics and less about weight loss... seems to me that the first season was less melodramatic and more focused on healthy choices and the idea of exercise to create a calorie deficit. Lately, it's always about how somebody did or didn't choose so-and-so for something and it's gone and ruined everyone's life. I get that the significant weight loss these people experience makes them a little crazy (as it would for anyone), but do we really need to highlight the whiney drama when we could instead highlight the insane determination these people have?
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    Ahhhh..... I wanted to bump this but I have not yet watched! I am outta here til 10pm before I read more! :laugh:
    Oh Daris...
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    It broke my heart what happened to Daris.. I think we have all been there and sabatoged ourselves because of pressure, stress, fear of failure! I hope that 2 lbs does not define the rest of his life or take away from his amazing accomplishments so far! Beating our habits and addictions can be a slippery slope.... I'm still voting for him!
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    If you dont watch the show, you dont understand the context of what you saw.

    In the context of life, any show that will rag on a guy who has ALREADY lost 100 lbs. just because he gained 2 is not a show I would waste any of my time watching. From the time this show's concept was introduced, I had a problem with it. To me, the premise is very exploitive of those with a weight problem. The participants may learn something about eating better and working out, but everywhere I turn, especially on this website, there is Jillian Michaels selling something connected with the show.

    I once watched about 5 minutes of the show and it did nothing to change my opinion. If someone loses as a result of participating, and/or someone is inspired by watching them, then I wish all parties well, but I don't watch the show. I don't think there is any "context" needed to know that it is not a reasonable or appropriate response to rag on someone for showing a weight gain of 2 lbs. on an arbitrary weigh day. This just perpetuates the unhealthy obession that many people have with the number that shows on their scale.

    If you don't agree, that is ok. I don't expect anyone to change their mind because of my opinion. They are entitled to theirs as I am to mine.
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    If u are training for a big race like that you get HUNGRY. How many of us have our weight at a standstill for a month? and still working out?
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    I'm curious if you saw the part where he was overeating at night. Binge eating and doubling his normal caloric intake for the day in that one session? I thought they were easy on him last night with the weight gain. If you're not used to hearing the trainers deal with the contestants on the show then, yes, perhaps it may have sounded like he was being spoken to like a dog. I don't believe that he was.

    He is on the show to lose weight. He has been educated as to the calories he needs to intake and burn. He knew when he was on camera eating that he was falling back to the same pattern. Please don't get me wrong, I love Daris and voted for him last night. I just think he consciously knew that he was backtracking and part of his learning curve is being accountable for that and trying to fix it so that he continues to keep the weight off that he's already lost. I think many of the audience can relate to what he was going through with using food as a comfort tool. It really is more than the fact that he didn't lose weight on a weigh in and got scolded or that he ate more to compensate for marathon training. He's been training with 6+ hour a day workouts on the ranch. That was nothing new...he was just doing the workouts at home. His issue was more than that.
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    Exactly, he made a mistake, take the heat and move on!

    It is a game show as well, we can't forget that.
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    If you dont watch the show, you dont understand the context of what you saw.

    Jillian and Bob were upset because Daris had been doing so well,and it was looking as if he could win.
    A first time four hour marathon?Mentally and physically grueling.That is just amazing.
    This show is so inspiring to so many,and yes-it is a competition.Unrealistic losses for most.But they are losing weight strictly through diet and exercise.You can't just watch the finale and make a snap judgement.
  • I love the biggest loser and I have been watching it from day 1!! Daris is a great contestant and many of the aspects of the show are the same for real life the only difference is they workout 6hrs in a day but the same concept diet and exercise no miracle pills or drugs. I find that I sabotage myself and like Daris I wish I had someone to slap me on the risk to get me back in line. People just like all of us work hard and may take a year to lose a 100lbs still fall into some of these same issues and may gain the weight back. The great thing about the biggest loser and since Erik the one who clearly gained all his weight back they have been trying to get to the heart of everyone issues and trying to help them in that regard Jillian is really good about that and yet she is harsh she is compassionate about getting to the root of the problem because if you don't kill it at the root it can regrow. So hopefully that grilling was Daris wake up call to kill off his hidden roots. I don't know how many of us on MFP have ever lost and regained but I know I have and one of the main problems was not getting to the root of the problem. Believe me biggest loser is a great reality show IMO and has been a inspiration to me and many others.
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    NOOO!! I haven't watched yet--- tell me it isn't so! I love Daris!
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    BL drama aside...If I may...the weigh-ins are not necessarily at 7 day intervals as one would expect:

    (From today's post on Lyle McDonald's BodyRecomposition site - An interview with a former BL contestant)
    Source link:

    BL: For reference – While a TV episode is 7 days in length that is not the case behind the scenes. So some ‘weeks’ the numbers are larger because some weeks we had 14 days between weigh ins. My season if you lasted until the final day you would be on the ranch 101 days (I got voted off on episode 7 and lost 83 pounds in 62 days) This season is it like 121 days start to finish. And all that gets condensed into a 12-14 weeks show airing schedule.

    [Lyle]My comments: This is a bit deceptive on the part of the show in my opinion since it’s made to appear that these massive weight losses are occurring every 7 days which clearly they are not.

    BarneyStinson comments: Don't get me wrong, I like the show, and most of the drama is there to increase ratings... but I think there's more behind the scenes that I find interesting - like, going from sedentary lifestyle to 2.5 hours of physical activity in one day...? May cause inspiring weight loss, but I question the long term affects, especially when diet may not be properly readjusted with increased caloric intake.