Used to be the skinny kid

Gunr2147 Posts: 63 Member
Found this site looking for some like minded folks to share and learn from while I'm trying to lose some weight and get back to where I feel comfortable. Love my carbs and sodas, I'm on day 11 of trying a vegan diet ( at my wife's request) and I'm really not enjoying it at all.... I so miss my bacon. I've got a history of high triglycerides that runs in the family. I am looking to change my eating habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle but am needing some serious motivation.

I know this seems negative in some aspects but I'm the guy who didn't used to have to worry about my weight and could eat what ever I wanted. Now I am paying the price I guess. I have a lot to learn and have learned so much already but I want to step it up a bit...

thanks for listening