From fat to skinny fat

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Hey Guys,

first of let me just start by saying I know I can't spot reduce, that nutrition is key to belly fat, that crunching my workout away won't get me abs, that they will show up as soon as I lower my BF %.

Now, I've seen quite a lot of progress lately (yaaay), but that also means that I'm well on my way to becoming skinny fat (skinny/fit elsewhere, but with a belly). Now, don't get me wrong I have seen progress in my belly slight and slow progress, but progress. I'm just trying to understand if my body is changing all over why is that lower belly so stubborn? Doesn't change in my body elsewhere in fact mean I am lowering my BF%?

I know I still have awhile to go before I can even think of a defined stomach, I would just want a smaller/flatter one for now.

So should I do all the exercises that targets the stomach or continue on with eating healthy and working out ( I don't do a lot of ab work) and just wait until my body says okay lower belly pooch you out of here?

Thanks and yaay at least I'm not just fat anymore!!!


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    If you're seeing progress, continue what you're doing. You'll get there.

    What type of exercise are you doing and how many calories are you eating?
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    I don't count calories. I eat healthy and that's where I leave it. If I had to guess I would say I eat around 1500 kcals a day. I do HIIT programs so I mix up the cardio depending on my mood (usually barre workouts/standing abs). I do an hour of strength training though (tabata) one day I will target the upper body and the next time I will combine upper and lower.

    I get bored easily and I've tried to do so many programs, but I always end up quitting so I do HIIT I like it and no guilt for skipping a day.

    I don't do a whole program focused on abs since many say it doesn't really count until you lower your BF%.
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    It seems the abdomen is always the last hurdle, right?! I'm in the same boat - arms, face, and legs getting smaller first and belly seems to be lagging. To be fair, I did carry most of my extra weight around my middle to begin with, but I do get frustrated sometimes. I'm working with a trainer who takes my body fat measurements every other week and it does help to see that my stomach measurement does consistently go down, as does my pant size. But I've seen the most different in the weeks where I'm sticking with my hydration (minimum 64oz of water daily), got all my cardio in, AND (here's the kicker) got at least 7hrs of sleep on average a night.

    Keep up with the ab work (doesn't have to be a lot), the healthy eating, and the other exercise (hopefully, a mix of both cardio and strength)...once you get closer to your goal, your abs will already be toned.

    Congrats on your progress so far and good luck with the rest of your program!
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    I was wondering the same thing about that area and I am assuming your referring to the pooch under your belly button
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    Yes Bnorris2013, the part under your belly!

    I would be happier if I saw a change in measurements or the scale, but I'm not seeing it. I can see it when I look in the mirror and people are telling me they see a change. So, I don't know if the mirror is lying to me the scale/tape measure is. I haven't really changed clothing sizes (recently) or lost weight, but I know there is change so yes, I would be happy if it wasn't just the mirror telling me I'm changing.


    I carried it in my hips & stomach, but I must say my legs have been rockstars in the weight loss department.