Anyone had results from Blogilates?

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I've been following for a while now and taking in food tips, doing occasional videos, etc. Now I'm considering following the May calendar for days I don't do my own cardio/yoga, wanted to know if anyone has had good results from this?


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    ive been doing the same as you, would also like to know if others have had results
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    ive been doing the same as you, would also like to know if others have had results

    I've noticed she has a few before & after stories on her website but these people don't go into too much detail of if they follow her calendars, make their own regimes from her videos, follow her diet plans, etc.
    I also don't like to pay attention to before & afters from the website of the program as I don't feel they are always an honest reflection of the majority!
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    Bump, i'm wondering too
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    Honestly "results", weight loss-wise, are going to come from your diet. Diet/eating at a deficit will make you a smaller version of you. If you train, that will help you be fitter, and likely look better. I am doing blogilates to supplement my running and lifting, I'm not sure if her strength training stuff/PIlates is enough to really retain muscle or not. If you like it, you might as well go for it and see. Try it for a month and see what happens. They are good workouts. I am going to sort of follow the May calendar, I think, I may rearrange some days to suit what I want to train, and I'm not doing her cardio at all because of my running/race training.
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    I did day 1 of her May calendar today and I had to skip one of the videos because the workouts killed my thighs! After months of doing 30-40 minutes a day including warm up and cool down, I am going to need to work up to this!
    I can imagine from following her calendar you must see good results.
    And as for what results I meant, I meant more about a better body shape than any weight loss as I'm aware from my own loss, the weight loss was down to a deficit but the shape I am is more down to my workouts.
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    I started doing some of her beginner's videos about a month ago (I'd already been counting calories and running), and the biggest change I've seen is that I've gotten rid of some lingering pain I had in my lower back. My back and core had been feeling really wimpy and now feel improved. I expect visible results as my diet takes care of some of my fat.

    I'm planning on sticking to her calendar this month now that I have the core strength to actually finish her videos.
  • I have done her videos for about a year now, and I have seen results and have gained strenghth as well :)
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    Love her videos! On the days I do them, Ill do 1 video per body part so I get a full body burn lol