Question on Insanity?

I hate to bring up repetitive posts, but I do have a question about the Insanity workout and how it works with other work out programs. I am doing some weight training 3x per week, and some of the insanity videos are over an hour long, so I would not be able to do both workouts that day.

I do not want to not do my weight training, even though I am a noob and probably not benefiting from it much at all. So for those that have done insanity, would I be able to skip it on the days I do my weights so that I am actually stretching the program out longer than the 60 days? I mean obviously I can, but the main question is will doing both cause me to hurt myself or something?


  • ARMenifield
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    You can do either or - stretch the program out or double train. I have done both. You have to make the program work for you. There are Hybrid Insanity schedules for doing lifting programs with Insanity so it is doable.
  • FitBlackChick
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    Maybe repost this question on this thread:

    There's a guy who supports and encourages people doing Insanity, as well as gives advice :)
  • gracielynn1011
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    Ok. Thanks so much for your response.