How do I handle running in Heat?

So I just got into running starting with my first 5k in October of last year. This year I'm doing a race every month and so far it's been cold weather which have the gear for. Now, it's getting hot and after going for a practice run in 80 degree heat yesterday for the first time, it wore me out very quickly. I know there are cold gear clothes that can cool you off and probably some other things to help. Any advice from you cool people? :)


  • cuterbee
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    How do I handle running in Heat?

    Well, I hear cold showers help.

    Oh wait...did you mean running IN the heat? My bad! :tongue:
  • michellekicks
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    You just have to try and run early in the morning. Or late at night (but here it's usually HOT until it's dark at night in the summer). I like to try and get my run finished and be off the roads by 10-11am. I don't like running when it's over about 25C/75F if I can help it. But also you get a little more used to it. By late in the summer I can usually handle 27C/80F.

    Yeah... go early or use a dreadmill :ohwell:
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    There's not a whole lot you can do. Run early, drink more water, and expect your times to drop. You'll get used to it soon enough. If you're doing a long run, you might want to switch from water to electorlyte drink to replace some of what you sweat out. After doing long runs (over 10 miles) in the summer heat, I will take a salt tab to make myself feel better after.
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    We've just had a really long, hot summer (yup, Southern Hemisphere here) and my run time is 4-5pm in the afternoon, which is still really hot. If you can, run first thing in the morning, if you can't, get the lightweight running clothes and a cap. Drink heaps of water in the hours before your run (or day before) and take water with you if you're out for more than half an hour. Where you can, find shade to run in - a park or tree-lined street. Don't forget the sunscreen.
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    Go earlier.
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    We run at 5:00 am here in Mississippi and usually in June it is already running 75 F.
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    Stay hydrated, wear light colors, go early, slow it down.

    I also run along the river or ocean where there is likely to be a breeze.