splenda vs. MIO - anyone else have this issue?

I have tea with splenda just about every day at work, and frequently zero carb/zero sugar Rockstars in the afternoon. I tend to eat the same things almost every day... this morning, the only thing different was that I had the Kool Aid version of Mio (also zero calorie) and was STARVING about an hour after! Then I realized when I used to sip on MIO (or
MIO type additives), I would get insatiably hungry

So Splenda packets and Splenda in the big bag don't seem to affect anything for me, but MIO and other zero calorie liquid drinks do? Not sure about the powdered versions.

Anyone else have this issue? I'm planning on avoiding those liquid flavoring things.


  • Cindym82
    Cindym82 Posts: 1,245 Member
    The fake sugar tends to trick your body to want more sugar b/c it's not sat. your sweet craving. Stick with real sugar like sugar in the raw
  • bluedevil005
    bluedevil005 Posts: 59 Member
    But apparently fake sugar doesn't ALWAYS do that for me?

    Splenda = sucralose
    MIO - list of weird chemicals, including sucralose, acesulfame K
  • Cindym82
    Cindym82 Posts: 1,245 Member
    Google it, it's a know fact that the fake sugar is no good for you
  • weinbagel
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    try stevia!