Cardio not involving feet

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Hey Ya'll, I'm going crazy, I was doing real good, Zumba 3 nights a week, jogging 3 days a week and then just what ever I felt like doing between youtube workouts & dvd's.

Well, now I have been pretty much grounded. I have plantar fasciitis, I have been doing all of my stretches continuously and just sort of taking it easy, did some real easy walking on the treadmill yesterday (2.5 mph) later on I tried jogging intervals but could not handle it.

I need some serious cardio in my life and I know that my feet aren't up to the job, can anybody recommend anything?? I am used to burning between 600 - 850 calories a day sometimes maybe more. I'm afraid all this inactivity is going to make gain back the only 9.5 lbs I have lost.


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    I suffer from that as well. Biking & swimming are your 2 best friends if you have access to do those things.
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    At my gym, they have these machines that resemble bikes, except that you sit and peddle with your arms. Also, I just Googled "chair cardio" and it seems like there's stuff on YouTube about this (sorry, I'm at work and can't check out the videos right now).

    Good luck! Plantar fasciitis is no joke.
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    If you can anchor your feet and use them to push without pain, not taking impact, you should try the row machine. It works your upper body and is fantastic cardio!