Weight Loss is a SECOND JOB.

kellygirl5538 Posts: 597 Member
I really feel that weight loss is a second job and takes priority over other things, such as cleaning my house. I have never logged the time but it has to be a lot! Between daily workouts, logging, planning......just a thought.


  • sandara
    sandara Posts: 830 Member
    It definitely gets priority over cleaning my house I'd much rather exercise than clean. Never thought I'd say that! lol
  • mrst0503
    mrst0503 Posts: 24
    Cleaning can be exercising to. light exercise, but exercise.
  • maryann73
    maryann73 Posts: 763 Member
    I agree. I'm thankful my family is supportive or else it would never work. I keep telling myself it will only be this crazy until I have lost what I need to. Maintenance will be a little better. (I can do anything if I know there is an end in sight!)
  • 00trayn
    00trayn Posts: 1,849 Member
    Haha... it definitely is. I spend a decent amount of time preparing good food, shopping for it, workout out, picking stuff online before I go to a restaurant, etc. However we're getting paid in pounds lost :)
  • JoyElizabeth
    JoyElizabeth Posts: 65 Member
    I agree - it USED to be a real problem for me too.

    But I find that I have re-arranged my life quite significantly in the last few months so that it can accommodate a lot more and it allows me more time to do the things I want and need to do - and so now it is less imposing. The only trouble that I have now is getting away from MFP - it is so addictive!

    But here's what I've done to simplify everything:

    First, I downsized our house - we don't have 6 kids at home any more and there's only one left who is quite independent anyway. This means that I don't have so much "stuff" that gets in the way and we don't have such a giant house to maintain.

    Then, we moved to a place that was smaller but had all the facilities - and it's great because I'm not responsible for cleaning or maintaining them - so much better :-)

    Next, I found that shopping was getting in the road of my play/work time and so I learned to multi-task :-) I now put my shopping order in online while I'm talking on the phone to one of our kids. I also have more control over what I buy from the list that's on the fridge that everyone fills in throughout the week - this also stops me impulse buying and I get the stuff delivered to my kitchen bench for $5. Can't ask for better than that. I've only just got to put it away in the pantry and fridge.

    When it comes to cleaning - well, I have hated that job since I was a kid and nothing has changed, but I like the results of cleaning and so I have invested in a cleaning lady - she comes once a week for $23 and does an amazing job - particularly when I go out with friends and when I get home it is sparkling.

    After I have got my daughter off to school, or when I get up if I have worked late into the night or early hours of the morning, I get in and do my morning exercise, shower and I'm ready for work. I work from home (actually, I can work from wherever I want so long as I have an internet connection and a phone) and so that allows me time to fit in singing, drumming, swimming, bike riding, rollerblading and lots of family time.

    All in all, I've shifted things so that Weight Loss is more fun rather than a chore - because I've delegated some of the things that I really don't like doing, it allows the time and space for me to enjoy the exercise and food to lose weight - and I'm loving it. It's great.

    I've only been on MFP for a couple of weeks, but this routine has been in place for a few months - now with MFP I'm able to focus on what goes into my face so that it doesn't go on my hips :-) and it seems to be working so far.

    This is just another perspective that I've learned, and so I thought I would pass it on because it has worked for me. Hope you get something out of it because up until it was pointed out to me that I had more control than I initially thought I did, fitting everything in was sooooo hard.

    Kind Regards,

  • beMyself
    beMyself Posts: 29
    It definitely takes up more MENTAL time... but it's all worth it, and it's about time I started to plan and think about these things more.
  • aippolito1
    aippolito1 Posts: 4,894 Member
    It definitely gets priority over cleaning my house I'd much rather exercise than clean. Never thought I'd say that! lol

    I JUST said this to my boyfriend last night. I've kind of neglected the house but I have a good excuse. I work out, come home, shower, eat dinner, and CRASH. And honestly, I get real sweaty when I clean so it has to be BEFORE I work out 'cause I get way too sweaty working out to clean after.
  • cardswimmom
    cardswimmom Posts: 71
    Totally agree....it is hard work! Shopping, planning meals, preparing the meals, eating right, logging it all in, keeping track of calories burned, what to eat back, weights for toning, cardio for burning, drinking all our water, remembering to take vitamins...oh yeah, then there is taking care of the kids, house, hubby, and go to work each day. Wow - no wonder we are all so exhausted by the end of the day! But it is SO worth it.
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