Perimenopausal and Weight Gain/Loss



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    I have no advice because i'm right there with you.:flowerforyou: I'm 45 and have been going through this for about 5 - 7 years. That's when the night sweats started only when i'm pmsing. Recently, i had my first migraine... thought it was a brain tumor. :laugh:

    My mom had me at the age of 44 while in peri and her periods were all wacked, so she didn't know until i was about 4 months :noway: She found out i wasn't a tumor :laugh:

    Both my sisters are over 60 and have shared there experiences. They both ballooned during this time. One recovered, the other kept the weight. For this reason i've been preparing since I turned 38 :laugh. I decided i had to have a handle on my weight before hitting Menopause. I've suffered with PMDD for many years, and feel as though i've been going through perimenopause since i had my son, so i'm hoping to have less severe symptoms when I actually arrive at MENOPAUSE :cry:

    I've been lifting for almost 3 months and have noticed a tiny difference in my inches. But no way in Hell am I weighing... don't need the stress. :laugh: One thing i've noticed is, lower carbs and cleaner diet seems to be the key to making it a little easier. Although, i can't seem to keep my carbs lower than 190 :noway: I know, I'm a Mess. :ohwell:

    Good to know, there is hope after it is all over. :happy:

    Can we get some posts from those who have gotten over the Mountain Top. :flowerforyou:
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    My symptoms started 2 years ago - constant hunger, weight gain, memory lapses, bloating, extreme mood swings, night sweats, horrible itching. I thought I was going insane. My gyn prescribed exercise and diet. The only diet that worked for me is low carb unfortunately being that I love bread and pasta. A few weeks ago I started overindulging in carbs and exercising less, partly due to vacation, and my symptoms started coming back. Lowered carbs and started probiotics, feeling good again.

    I have been searching all over to verify if insane itching is one of the peri-menopause symptoms. I am 47 and the constant all over itch started about 2 years ago and has now evolved to the point where I get giant hives in any spot on my skin where pressure is applied. At first I thought I was having allergic reactions to soaps, dyes,perfumes, etc., but eliminating all of that didn't help.

    As far as weight loss goes, I will lose weight pretty steadily for about 10 days and then the next 10 days I will plateau or gain with a significant amount of water retention in my legs and hands. It isn't coming off like it used to in a steady pattern, but it is coming off.