Need help... I can't quit craving snacks

I have lost 12 lbs since Feb. I feel good, I have done well. I am so glad about it, because I have also had great success with losing inches also.

My problem is that for the last week, I have wanted to snack on stuff all day. If someone has left over French fries, I want them. If someone has peanut M&Ms, I want them. If someone has a piece of cake, I want it. I have not been doing so well. And I have kind of stalled. Not gaining, but not losing as fast. I try not to deprive myself, so I do allow these treats, if I deny them, I know I will binge. But I know this is hurting my success!

I normally eat around 1600 calories per day. Recently I have went over a few times. And because I take a bite or two of something, but not a full serving, sometimes my logging is not accurate. I know that a bite or two of something that has 300 calories means I am eating some calories there, its not free! In my head, I know this! I need a swift kick in the backside to get myself straight.


  • SmilinSue12
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    Have some Prestzels handy. Every time you crave a snack, grab a 1/2 handful. They are rich in fiber and pretty much satisfy the crave. They are 60 cals and less.
  • MelsAuntie
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    If you don't have the self control and will power, nobody can give it to you. Nobody is forcing you to eat whatever. YOU have to want to lose weight and get fit. It's up to YOU sweetie, so just buckle down. I've been called names for saying this, but it's TRUE. Nobody except YOU is going to put the fork down. And log EVERYTHING YOU EAT. It's a nuisance for sure, but to do otherwise is self-delusional.
  • Denise_Valentine
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    I know exactly how you feel! I also get cravings and don't deny myself to avoid binging. try buying healthyish snacks that remind you of the food you want to satisfy the craving. like some freezes or frozen yogurt. also look up some low cal brownie recipes or cakes to help with the cake cravings that way your not totally overdoing it. I keep freezes in my freezer all the time and once in a while i'll make some brownies, using applesauce. they taste great and I cut them up and stick them in the freezer to avoid eating the whole pan
  • lee91356
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    I'm guessing part of this may be because you've deprived yourself of these things for the last three months or so and the other like you said is over estimating calories. The third thing is that it could be the "time of the month" for me I inhale anything that is not nailed down during that time. I wouldnt worry too, too much about. Besides sometimes punching up the calories a but helps kick start the metabolism and avoid a stall. Moreover its not like your eating the whole serving like before. Just keep active, log what your eating and keep at it!
  • RobinSchneid
    I log foods, even if it's only a bite or two. You can often do that with myfitnesspal as they have different serving options, like you can choose 2 crackers instead of a serving being for example 15 crackers. Also, I don't know if you knew this but you can also use fractions for portion size. Like instead of 1.0 serving you can say 0.25 or 0.8. It's just approximates, but you get the idea. For me knowing that I do have to log everything I eat it gives me pause before I decide to eat it. Hope this helps!
  • Shellbug75
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    I've been there too. It happens to me when I up my calories. My body gets used to having so much food, I want more. Try snacking on some carrots, celery, or apples. I know they aren't as tasty as chocolate or French fries :)

    Also, make sure you're not pregnant. When you're pregnant your cravings are through the roof.

    You are doing great! Keep up the good work.
  • stealthq
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    As long as you are still losing, I wouldn't get too stressed about it - that'll just make you crave snacks even more. If I were you, I'd try to go with the flow. If I wanted a snack, I'd get a snack, but I'd log it FIRST. That way, I give myself the opportunity to have second thoughts. And if I still wanted it, I'd know how much I need to adjust by for the rest of the day.
  • IowaJen1979
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    This is a tough one! Every few weeks I find myself having the same problem, so I cave. I allow myself a "cheat day" or "cheat meal". After I satisfy my cravings I'm able to dive back in and fight them off. At first I was worried about doing this because I thought I would snowball and never get back on track, but as long as I know that i can eat what I want for a specific period of time, I can get back into the swing of things fairly easily and I find that I'm more successful with fighting off my cravings afterward.
  • bobf279
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    I have days when I just can't seem to feel satisfied and want to nibble, doesn't happen every day so I just record, fill up and let the weeks calories even out
  • 21angelic
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    I have an incredibly sweet tooth and find it hard to resist, so, I break my chocolate into squares and freeze it, I also freeze grapes, both of these last quiet a while so by the time they've melted I've gotten over my sugar for me
  • gracielynn1011
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    Thank you so much for everyone's helpful suggesting and encouragement. I have thought about it this evening and have come to the conclusion that this is a mental thing. I've done this before, I get close to the goal that I set, or I start to feel good about what I've done, and then I slip. Or rather, I tell myself its okay, I'm so close to goal this won't matter. And before I know it, I'm back at square one.

    The goal i have set is not my actual goal, it was a stepping stone or a halfway goal. Maybe i need to adjust it now and re-evaluate. I am also wondering if my activity level is effecting it. I am still working out the same number of times, but the actual activity i am doing has changed.
  • jrkinser
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    Try eating the 100 calorie snacks! They are awesome when craving those sweets you can have but still eating healthy because they are only 100 calories. I try to eat only 1 a day or less. Awesome for that sweet tooth! :smile: