Pity party is over!

sugboog29 Posts: 630 Member
Well, while I've been having a pity party for my non weight loss over the past 12 months (up and down the same few pounds)....I did learn one thing last night. Some of my blouses that were tight through the hips a year ago are now loose (plus one I just bought 3 months ago is now almost too big)!! So, while the pounds were being stubborn the inches are definitely coming off. So...pity party is WAY OVER...on to bigger and better things!!


  • woot woot!
  • kizzyb1977
    kizzyb1977 Posts: 199 Member
    Excellent!! Always nice when clothes get too big for a change!
  • mattschwartz01
    mattschwartz01 Posts: 566 Member
    Good for you. You've only got 32 pounds remaining!! That, my friend, is a walk in the park. Think of folks like me who have 130+ remaining. You're doing fantastic!
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